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'85 回顧 (1994)
'94 中國之火-壹 (1994)
14 Minutes of Music by Lei Liang
1986-1996 / 朱哲琴 (1997)
1986-1996 / 崔健 (199-)
1998圣誕在嚎叫俱樂部 (2002)
28 天失眠日記 (2003)
[50000] (s.a.)
[Chime - Pieces by Chen Xiaoyong and Ye Xi
[Chime - Pieces by Qu Xiaosong and Luo Zho
[Chime - Pieces by Tan Dun Ye Xiaogang Zho
[Diary I and other pieces] (1996)
[Diverse pieces of Lam Bun-Ching from the (1982)
[Four pieces by Law Wingfai Hsue Chi-hsing
[Instrumental piece for brass ensemble]
[Interview with Qu Xiaosong in Edingburg 2
[Piece for piano and voice]
[Pieces by Chen Qigang]
[Pieces by Chen Qigang]
[Pieces by Clarence Mak and Doming Lam]
[Pieces by Law Wingfai and Victor Chan] (1992)
[Pieces by Liu Yuan and Clarence Mak]
[Pieces by Tan Dun Zhao Xiaosheng Jiang We
[Pieces by Xu Yi] (1992)
[Pieces by Zhang Xiaofu] (1992)
[Pieces of Xi Qiming Chen Mingzhi and Luo
[Rain & Ji#4 by Qu Xiao-song]
[Recordings from Radio Shanghai and other
[Solo for piano] (1987)
[曾葉發作品機] (19XX)
A First Course in Literary Chinese / Shadick Harold (1974)
A happy night on the spring river
A wishful way (2002)
Aadat (2005)
Bad head 1 (2002)
Beijing Buddhist Ensemble
Beijing Buddhist Ensemble
Beijing reggae (1996)
Blanknoize (2007)
Bright Sheng (1990)
Bright Sheng (1990)
Bright Sheng H'un (1990)
Burning Youth (2002)
Cantonese in Hong Kong / Chan Kwok Kin (2005)
Cantonese in Hong Kong / Chan Kwok Kin (2005)
Cantonese in Hong Kong / Chan Kwok Kin (2005)
Cantonese opera / Yung Bell (1989)
Carsick Cars (2007)
CD - piano themes from the silent screen (c200)
Chamber music by Tan Dun (1987)
Chan Wing-wah's compositions (1992)
China music erhu solo
Chine fanbai (1989)
Chinese music for the pipa (1993)
Chinese Opera and Folk Music / Bhattacharya Deben (1981)
Chinese Violin Pieces
Chinese Violin Pieces
Chinesisch lernen Schritt fuer Schritt / Liedtke-Aherrahrou S (2007)
Chinesisch-Sprachkurs / Online Media World
Chinesisch-Sprachkurs fuer Medizin und All / Unschuld Paul Ulrich (2004)
Chinesische Heilmusik Taoismus Musik
Chinesische Kammermusik
Chinesische Musik original
Chinesische Phonetik / Hunold Cordula (2005)
Cleaving the Coffin
Come on baby (1994)
Communication (1994)
Compositions by Lei Liang (1998)
Compositions by Shih-Hui Chen
Compositions of Joshua Chan
Compositions of Joshua Chan
Concerto pour un instrument de silence 199 (1998)
Contemporary Hongkong music
Crazy pleasant sensation (2006)
Crosscut (2003)
Cut off! (2005)
Dance for yourself (2006)
Dead City (2001)
Dead City (2001)
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