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SWB (most complete catalogue for our printed resources; see short introduction on how to use)
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Librarian: Anne Labitzky-Wagner (Email)
Address: Akademiestr. 4-8, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany
Contact: Tel.: (+49-6221) 54 76 37; Fax: (+49-6221) 54 76 39
Email (general): library-cn [at] zo.uni-heidelberg.de
Email (serials department): serials-cn [at] zo.uni-heidelberg.de (orders will be handled within three working days, if possible)

Library Opening hours (general): Mon - Fri, 9 am - 7 pm AND Sat, 12 pm - 5 pm
Library Opening hours (holidays): Mon - Fri, 12 pm - 5 pm



As of Oct. 2006, our library is holding some 120,000 monographs, including 1,200 volumes of separata and 34,250 volumes of collectanea (congshu). Currently we subscribe to 330 journals and 12 daily newspapers. The complete holdings of our periodicals amount to 20,000 volumes, and another 1,000 volumes of newspapers. Very valuable is our collection of microfilms (7,100 reels) and microfiches (4,700 sheets).
For exchange we offer a List of Duplicates of Periodicals.


Special collections

Encyclopaedia and reference works
Collectanea (congshu)
Special topics
Late Qing/Early Republican newspapers and periodicals
Minguo jicui 民國集萃 (collection of 7500 titles; to be catalogued) (acquisition made possible through a grant of the Cluster project "Asia and Europe in a global context")
Chinese newspapers published after 1949
Material on human rights
Shanshu collection: several hundred Buddhist and Daoist moral tracts, all shelved at BL1812.S52
Foreign books with strong influence in China as listed in 鄒振環 : 影響中國近代社會的一百種譯作 (Beijing 1996) and other similar sources.
Audio visual resources
Sound recordings: a growing collection of Chinese pop, classical, and modern music etc., both on MC and CD.
C.C. Liu-Collection of Modern Chinese Music (including several hundred items)
Steen Collection of Modern Chinese Music (about 150 titles)
Chinese films: collection of some 2500 films
Digital resources
Databases and electronic resources
China related Web pages, archived at the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS)


Accessing our collection

The library is open to the general public, books can be borrowed for one month. Please remember to carry your student ID or passport when visiting our library!

If our library is too far for you to just drop in you can either send a request for an item; we will try to send you the item or a copy thereof (against cost and labour). Or you can make an appointment with our librarian Anne Labitzky-Wagner (email) if you wish to visit us for a few days (EACS can help with travel costs).

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