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     1  atlanta chinese dance company
     1  atlantic council of the united states
     1  australian
     2  australian broadcasting corporation
     1  australian centre on china in the world
     1  australian national university
     1  austria presse agentur
     3  auswaertiges amt
     1  axel springer ag
     1  bai-tu chih-tao
     1  baltimore sun
     1  bank of finland's institute for economies in transition
     1  bankruptcy law and restructuring research center of china un
     1  battledore ltd.
     1  baunetz online-dienst
     1  bayerische staatsbibliothek
    59  bbc
     1  bbc
     6  bbc chung-wen wang
     1  bbc monitoring
    22  bbc news
     4  bbci
     1  bdc films
     1  bei-ta kuang-hua kuan-li hsueeh-yuean
     1  beijing cream
     1  beijing daily
     1  beijing international gay und lesbian film festival
     1  beijing review
     1  beijing review online

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