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     2  america - discovery and exploration - china
     1  america 3000
     3  america and
     2  america is
     1  america is pursuing a grand design in asia
     1  america needs a new strategy for dealing with china, a count
     1  america problem
     1  america task
     9  america's
     1  america's china
     1  america's china policy is in urgent need of definition
     1  america's image
     1  america's image slips, but allies share u.s. concerns over i
     1  america's iraq
     1  america's most popular internet companies are helping china
     1  america's peace
     1  america's self-deception
     3  america,
     1  america, asia,
     1  america, russia and the greater middle east: challenges
     1  america, russia and the greater middle east: challenges and
    71  american
     2  american actresses
     1  american airlines
     2  american and
     1  american and japanese perceptions of the rise of china
     1  american anthropologist
     1  american anthropologist 1944
     2  american attitudes
     1  american attitudes toward china

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