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     4  official documents
     1  official explains
     1  official for
     1  official hails
     1  official history of the conflict
     1  official in
     1  official lashes
     1  official lashes rumors on 'concentration camp'
     1  official li
     1  official line
     1  official ok to anti-japan rallies backfired in china
     1  official on
     1  official posts
    40  official publications
     1  official publishes
     1  official punlications
     1  official reappears,
     1  official recaps trip to beijing on eve of human rights day 2
     1  official rules
     1  official rules out oil crisis in china
     3  official says
     1  official says the fact memorial hall, monument are not very
     1  official says tibet water diversion not feasible
     2  official secrets
     1  official slogans
     1  official slogans on village walls - chinaren
     1  official sues
     1  official sues authors for defamation
     1  official they
     1  official tries

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