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     1  statemen - china
    29  statement
     1  statement about
     1  statement about sovereignty of taiwan not a gaffe
     9  statement by
     1  statement by chairman roger w. robinson, jr.
     1  statement by h.e. ambassador zhang yishan deputy permanent r
     1  statement by mr la yi-fan alternate representative of the ch
     1  statement by mr. la yifan, alternate representative of the d
     1  statement by mr. liu zhenhua, special adviser of the chinese
     1  statement by mr. xu yu, advisor of the chinese delegation at
     1  statement by vice chairman c. richard d'amato
     1  statement by working group on arbitrary detention following
     1  statement from
     1  statement from bo guagua
     1  statement of
     1  statement of perry link
     8  statement on
     1  statement on ma-xi meeting by dpp chair tsai ing-wen
     1  statement opposing u.s. war against iraq
     1  statement puts
     1  statement regarding
     1  statement-from-bo-guagua.htm
     2  statements
     1  statements on
     1  statements on visualizing cultures
   696  states
     1  states 1969 1976
     4  states and
     1  states china

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