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    21  taiwan strait
    28  taiwan strait - strategic aspects
     1  taiwan strait iv
     1  taiwan strait.
     3  taiwan straits
     1  taiwan tension
     1  taiwan tests
     1  taiwan tests 'brave wind' cruise missile
     1  taiwan textbook
     1  taiwan textbook revision slammed
     1  taiwan thailand
     1  taiwan threatens
     1  taiwan threatens to board prc ship
     1  taiwan tightens
     1  taiwan tightens rules on investing in china
     1  taiwan to
     1  taiwan top im design
     1  taiwan travel
     1  taiwan treats
     1  taiwan tuanti juban zuotan hui xing si ererba zhanwang liang
     1  taiwan tycoon
     1  taiwan und china: zwei laender, ein schatz
     1  taiwan und festlandchina eroeffnen fremdenverkehrsaemter
     2  taiwan und japan einig ueber fischgruende
     1  taiwan under
     1  taiwan under president ma ying-jeou
     2  taiwan up
     1  taiwan us
     1  taiwan uses secret funds to influence the bush administratio
     1  taiwan verabschiedet gesetz fuer umwelterziehung

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