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Title:Red aristocrats, The Asahi Shimbun (18 Oct. 2012)
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Contents:Children, relatives received accumulated wealth of Communist Party officials / Koichiro Ishida ; Kentaro Koyama ; Atsushi Okudera. -- Bo Xilai's son led lavish life trying to burnish his CV abroad / Koichiro Ishida. -- When Bo Xilai's son was struggling at Oxford, a Chinese official visited / Koichiro Ishida. -- Western businessmen welcome rich Chinese students in England / Koichiro Ishida. -- Questions remain over ties between Bo's family and slain British businessman / Koichiro Ishida. -- French architect gets caught up in Bo Xilai family affairs / Koichiro Ishida. -- Role played by French architect in Bo-Gu scandal remains mystery / Nozomu Hayashi. -- High-profile lawyer sentenced, and a family falls from grace / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Princelings live the high life in exclusive circle of friends / Atsushi Okudera. -- Bo Guagua's Harvard education believed financed by Dalian businessman / Atsushi Okudera. -- Bo Guagua a popular student at Harvard but not the most studious / Atsushi Okudera. -- Chinese entrepreneurs flock to Harvard to develop personal ties / Atsushi Okudera. -- Harvard considered a second Central Party School by Chinese expats / Atsushi Okudera. -- Senior party officials attend Harvard on Hong Kong company's tab / Kentaro Koyama. -- Xi's sister developed 'iron will' during banishment in Cultural Revolution / Kentaro Koyama. -- Xi Jinping's sister a business mogul shrouded in secrecy / Kentaro Koyama. -- Real estate company linked to Xi Jinping's family suddenly liquidated / Kentaro Koyama. -- Xi's mother laid down the law on business practices / Kentaro Koyama. -- Anti-corruption whistle-blower taken away before interview / Kentaro Koyama. -- Student's thesis underscores long tradition of nepotism, cronyism / Nozomu Hayashi. -- For promotions to senior posts, personal connections are all that matter / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Vancouver provides a "heaven" for high-ranking Chinese officials / Atsushi Okudera. -- Families of "naked officials" remain secluded in overseas communities / Atsushi Okudera. -- "Woodpecker lady" serves as Communist Party watchdog / Kenji Minemura. -- Party leadership gives muted response to calls for political reform / Kenji Minemura. -- Only more digging will bring us closer to truth about Chinese Communist Party / Nobuyoshi Sakajiri
Political leadership - China
China - Politics and government - 21st century
Po Hsi-lai, 1949-
Po Kua-kua, 1987-
Neil Heywood, 1970-2011

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Title:Premier league, The Asahi Shimbun (15 Apr. 2013)
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Contents:After fatal Ferrari crash, careers are stalled, group loses power / Kenji Minemura ; Nozomu Hayashi ; Koichiro Ishida. -- Hu associate came from humble roots away from power struggles in Beijing / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Printing plant skills propelled Ling into Communist Youth League / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Through personal achievement, Ling, Hu promoted in Communist Youth League / Nozomu Hayashi ; Koichiro Ishida. -- Ling burned the midnight oil to support Hu / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Ideology training manuals add mystery to Communist Youth League / Koichiro Ishida. -- League wielded heavy hand over college student societies / Koichiro Ishida. -- Students mobilized, grounded depending on type of protest / Koichiro Ishida. -- Student dispatches to poor districts : altruistic or brainwashing? / Koichiro Ishida. -- One parody cartoon ruins life of model student / Koichiro Ishida. -- Communist Youth League spreads tentacles to private-sector companies / Koichiro Ishida. -- With league's help, migrant worker becomes farming entrepreneur / Koichiro Ishida. -- Communist Party sinks hooks in promising elementary school pupils / Koichiro Ishida. -- Visitors still travel to grave of "father of Communist Youth League" / Kim Soon-hi. -- Tiananmen Square crackdown still casts huge shadow over Communist Party / Kim Soon-hi. -- Power struggle to continue between Communist Youth League, "princelings" / Kenji Minemura ; Nozomu Hayashi
Subjects:Kung-ch'ing-t'uan (China)
Communist leadership - China
China - Politics and government - 2002-
Hu Chin-t'ao, 1942-
Li K'o-ch'iang, 1955-
Ling Chi-hua, 1965-

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