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Material:Computer file
Title:Leadership shift, The Asahi Shimbun (08 Nov. 2012)
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Description:18 css, 26 gif, 75 html, 1 ico, 321 jpeg, 27 js, 7 png files (11.3 MB)
Loc. note:In part 3 embedded google map showing the cost of Hsia-men/Amoy missing
Contents:Senkaku dispute led to Hu's retraction of retirement plan / Kenji Minemura ; Nozomu Hayashi. -- Xi tried to rebuild China from the bottom up / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Xi showed early interest in Taiwanese political activists / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Xi avoided corruption trap by keeping distance from local officials / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Xi maintains balance between reformists, conservatives / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Li chose political career over chance to study abroad / Kenji Minemura. -- Hu, Li were like brothers during Communist Youth League days / Kenji Minemura. -- Li's rise hits snag over lack of achievements on local level / Kenji Minemura. -- Quick promotion made it difficult for Xi to keep promises with Shizuoka governor / Nozomu Hayashi. -- In secret voting, Xi rose in popularity while Bo fell / Nozomu Hayashi ; Kenji Minemura. -- Party elders, family background pushed Xi to the top / Nozomu Hayashi ; Kenji Minemura
Chung-kuo kung-ch'an-tang - Congresses
China - Politics and government - 21st century
Hsi Chin-p'ing, 1953-
Hu Chin-t'ao, 1942-
Li K'o-ch'iang, 1955-

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Material:Computer file
Title:Rise and fall of Bo Xilai, The Asahi Shimbun (08 Aug. 2012)
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Description:18 css, 97 gif, 96 html, 1 ico, 370 jpeg, 28 js, 8 png files (13.4 MB)
Contents:Driven to become "emperor," Bo Xilai curries favor with president Jiang / Kenji Minemura. -- Influenced by Mao, Bo declares, "We will be the leaders of the future China" / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Father's influence even got Bo out of marriage / Nozomu Hayashi. -- As the brass band played, a smiling Bo rose through the ranks / Kenji Minemura. -- Bo beautified Dalian, with the help of young female cops on horseback / Kenji Minemura. -- Power as new Dalian mayor went to Bo's head / Kenji Minemura. -- Corruption-exposing journalist tackles Bo and his wife / Kenji Minemura. -- Anti-Bo journalist was watched, detained, indicted in secrecy / Kenji Minemura. -- With his enemy behind bars, Bo rises from mayor to governor / Kenji Minemura. -- Bo an immediate hit in first stint as cabinet minister / Nozomu Hayashi. -- China's "iron lady" had it in for Bo Xilai / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Bo's revolutionary-song campaign stirred emotions in Chongqing / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Bo's policies loved by the masses, detested by central leadership / Nozomu Hayashi. -- In 80 days, 9,500 arrested in Bo's 'dahei' campaign / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Chongqing's second-richest man suddenly treated as "mafia boss" / Kenji Minemura. -- Funds rolled in during Bo's torture-filled campaign against mafia / Kenji Minemura. -- Conspicuous no-shows at pro-Mao concert signal shift in attitude toward Bo / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Bo sacked close aide over probe into wife's link to murder / Nozomu Hayashi. -- In usual secrecy, a decision is made and Bo's fate is sealed / Kenji Minemura. -- Wiretapping allegations stirred leadership distrust of Bo / Kenji Minemura. -- After emergency phone, the end was swift for Bo / Nozomu Hayashi
Political leadership - China
China - Politics and government - 21st century
Ta-lien (China)
Ch'ung-ch'ing (China)
Po Hsi-lai, 1949-
Chiang Tse-min, 1926-
Mao Tse-tung, 1893-1976

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Material:Computer file
Author:Rose, Andrew K.
Title:Homepage of Andrew K. Rose / Andrew K. Rose
Published:Berkeley : University of California
Description:294 HTML, 2037 GIF, 283 PDF, 205 ZIP, 14 ASP, 4 CAB, 156 CSS, 4 CFM, 4 HTT, 8 ICO, , 1579 JPEG, 103 JS, 2 PPT, 9 MPG, 2 AVI, 26 WAV, 3 XML files (286 MB)
Summary:This website of Andrew A. Rose contains: research papers on different topics, like: international trade, currency unions, crises, exchange rates, finance; as well as data sets, output, presentations, press coverage, recent unpublished papers, and more.
Contents:International trade patterns. -- Sovereign default and trade. -- Trade and the multilateral (GATT/WTO) system. -- The effects of currency union on trade. -- Optimum currency sreas. -- Speculative attacks on exchange rate systems. -- Contagion in currency crises. -- Banking and exchange crises in developing countries. -- Exchange rate determination. -- Exchange rate regimes. -- International finance. -- Financial asset integration. -- comments on the works of others

Access: (downloaded 19-09-2014)
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Material:Computer file
Author:Rose Tang
Title:Rose Tang / Rose Tang (Aug. 2014-)
Orig. URL:
Collections:Dachs - Blog
Loc. note:Weekly downloads.

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