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Access: (downloaded 25-06-2008)
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Material:Computer file
Author:Logan, Jeffrey
Title:China's space program: options for U.S.-China cooperation : CRS reports for Congress / Jeffrey Logan
Source:Open CRS (21 May 2008)
Description:1 pdf file (76 KB)
Subjects:Space programs
Space sciences - Research - China

Access: (downloaded 17-12-2004)
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Material:Computer file
Title:Conference on religion and healing and the second meeting of Asian Society for the history of medicine / organized by Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
Source:Academia Sinica (16-19 Nov. 2004)
Description:45 PDF, 3 HTML, 1 BMP, 1 GIF, 4 WD3 files (16,6 MB)
Contents:Cholera in two contrasting pathies in nineteenth century India / Singh, Dhrub Kumar. -- Buddhist medical activities in inland China and its motives of practicing in ancient China / Chu Chien-p'ing. -- Between self-cultivation and the monastic code: tea and medicinal soup in the monastic life of the T'ang and Sung dynasties / Liu Shu-fen. -- Ayurvedic medical knowledge recorded in esoteric sutras of Chinese Tripitaka: a case of Kumàratantra or àlàkya / Ming Ch'en. -- From 'rice-porridge for bhikkhu & bhikkhun' to 'rice-porridge for the cultivation of life' / Ch'en Yüan-peng. -- Healers or patients: the shamans' roles and images in Taiwan / Lin Fu-shih. -- The illness accounts and denotations of "numerical diagrams" / Li tsung-k'un. -- Differentiations: Christian healing tradition / Wilhelmi, Barbara. -- Healing body, saving soul: medical missions to nineteenth-century China / Li Shang-jen. -- Improving the lives of women through evangelism, sympathy and science: Nineteenth and twentieth century women missionary doctors and local Chinese popular beliefs / Zaccarini, Cristina. -- From wife to missionary: Lillian Dickson's medical missions in post-war Taiwan / Lee, Yen-der. -- Medical care and religious healing in the clinical reality / Kajitani Shinji. -- The aetiology of illness in ancient Mesopotamia: on supernatural causes / Couto-Ferreira, Erica. -- Jews and healing in the middle ages: the harmonisation of Jewish beliefs with theories and practices of different Western medical traditions / Caballero-Navas, Carmen. -- The development of Galenico-Islamic medicine: assimilation of Greek sciences into Islam / Ebrahimnejad, Hormoz. -- Daoism and smallpox vaccination / Chiang Sheng. -- Song Dynasty Taoist medicine: a Hong Mai "Yijian zhi" based research / Ch'uang Hung-i. -- Sex and immortality: a tentative study on how Chinese sexual art impressed upon the idea to become better-beings in religious contexts / Umekawa Sumiyo. -- A study on religious therapy and concepts of disease from magic figures, incantation and tortoise shell divination in traditional Chinese medical literature / C'ang Hsien-che. -- Hallucinogens and Athanasia-medicine: the religious consciousness turn during Warring States, Qin and Han periods in China / Wang Chi-ch'ao
Corp. body:Academia Sinica

Access: (downloaded 17-12-2008)
(part of the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies - to gain access please refer to!)
Material:Computer file
Title:Sir Aurel Stein, proceedings of the British Museum study day, 23 March 2002 / edited by Helen Wang, no. 142 (2004)
Description:9 pdf, 12 css, 8 html, 76 gif, 44 jpeg, 3 js, 58 png, 1 swf file (3,36 MB)
Contents:Contents and preliminaries, including list of contributors / Helen Wang. -- Sir Aurel Stein and his Hungarian background / Eva Apor. -- Aurel Stein and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Agnes Kelecsenyi. -- Letters, reports and bestsellers: Stein's accounts of his first and second expeditions / Lilla Russell-Smith. -- A biographer's dilemma / Annabel Walker. -- Sir Aurel Stein's fourth 'American' expedition / Shareen Brysac. -- Aurel Stein and Bahman Karimi on old routes of Western Iran / Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis and Nasser Pazooki. -- Leave no stone unturned: Stein and Williamson's surveys compared / Seth M.N. Priestman. -- Catalogue of the Sir Aurel Stein papers in the British Museum Central Archives / Helen Wang
Related names:Wang, Helen [ed.]
British Museum
Stein, Aurel, Sir, 1862-1943

Access: (downloaded 25-02-2010)
(part of the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies - to gain access please refer to!)
Material:Computer file
Author:Yee, Andy
Title:An insider's account of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences / by Andy Yee (22 Feb. 2010)
Description:5 css, 2 jpeg, 5 js, 4 png, 1 html file (226 KB)
Social sciences - China - Societies, etc.

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