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Access: (downloaded 22-10-2004)
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Material:Computer file
Author:Becker, Jasper
Title:The secret dam : China begins huge project in World Heritage Site, displacing up to 100,000 people and devastating unique tribal societies / by Jasper becker and Daniel Howden
Source:Independent (16 Oct. 2004)
Description:1 HTML, 9 GIF, 1 JSP files (55,7 KB)
Related names:Howden, Daniel
Subjects:Dams - Environmental aspects - China - Yangtze River Gorges

Access: (downloaded 23-07-2018)
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Material:Computer file
Author:Lam, Rebecca HT
Title:Recommendation on Prohibiting the Operation of Hong Kong National Party under S.8 of Societies Ordinance Cap. 151 / (Signed) Rebecca HT LAM Assistant Societies Officer I Assistant Commissioner of Police (Support) Hong Kong Police Force (28 May 2018)
Orig. URL:
Description:1 pdf, 1 htm files (9.34 MB)
Language:chi.; eng.
Subjects:Democracy - China - Hong Kong
Elections - China - Hong Kong
Hong Kong (China) - Politics and government - 21st century
Political parties - China - Hong Kong
Police - China
Ch'an Ho-tien, 1990-

Access: (downloaded 15-04-2013)
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Material:Computer file
Title:Premier league, The Asahi Shimbun (15 Apr. 2013)
Orig. URL:
Description:14 css, 83 gif, 19 html, 43 jpeg, 14 js, 3 png files (2.6 MB)
Contents:After fatal Ferrari crash, careers are stalled, group loses power / Kenji Minemura ; Nozomu Hayashi ; Koichiro Ishida. -- Hu associate came from humble roots away from power struggles in Beijing / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Printing plant skills propelled Ling into Communist Youth League / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Through personal achievement, Ling, Hu promoted in Communist Youth League / Nozomu Hayashi ; Koichiro Ishida. -- Ling burned the midnight oil to support Hu / Nozomu Hayashi. -- Ideology training manuals add mystery to Communist Youth League / Koichiro Ishida. -- League wielded heavy hand over college student societies / Koichiro Ishida. -- Students mobilized, grounded depending on type of protest / Koichiro Ishida. -- Student dispatches to poor districts : altruistic or brainwashing? / Koichiro Ishida. -- One parody cartoon ruins life of model student / Koichiro Ishida. -- Communist Youth League spreads tentacles to private-sector companies / Koichiro Ishida. -- With league's help, migrant worker becomes farming entrepreneur / Koichiro Ishida. -- Communist Party sinks hooks in promising elementary school pupils / Koichiro Ishida. -- Visitors still travel to grave of "father of Communist Youth League" / Kim Soon-hi. -- Tiananmen Square crackdown still casts huge shadow over Communist Party / Kim Soon-hi. -- Power struggle to continue between Communist Youth League, "princelings" / Kenji Minemura ; Nozomu Hayashi
Subjects:Kung-ch'ing-t'uan (China)
Communist leadership - China
China - Politics and government - 2002-
Hu Chin-t'ao, 1942-
Li K'o-ch'iang, 1955-
Ling Chi-hua, 1965-

Access: (downloaded 08-06-2007)
(part of the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies - to gain access please refer to!)
Material:Computer file
Author:Elman, Benjamin A., 1946-
Title:Files for Elman e-papers / Benjamin A. Elman
Description:html files (51,7 KB)
Language:eng.; chi.
Contents:China and the world history of science. -- The Chinese prize essay contest and the late Qing promotion of modern science. -- Comparing and classifying : Ming dynasty compendia and encyclopedias (leishu). -- Criticism as philosophy : conceptual change in Ch'ing dynasty evidential research. -- Early modern classicism and late imperial China. -- Education in Song China - a review. -- The emergence of phonology. -- From pre-modern Chinese natural studies to modern science in China. -- Imperial politics and Confucian societies. -- ISIS review of "On their own terms". -- Ming-Qing border defense and the inward turn of Chinese cartography. -- Nietzsche and Buddhism. -- Nietzsche and Buddhism - errata. -- Philology and its enemies. -- Philosophy versus philology. -- Reply to a recent review. -- Reproduction via civil service examinations. -- Rethinking the twentieth century denigration of Chinese science in the twenty-first century. -- The unraveling of neo-confucianism: from philosophy to philology in late imperial China. -- Hsüeh hai t'ang yü chin wen ching-hsüeh tsai Kuang-tung te hsing-ch'i. -- Chung-kuo wen-hua-shih te hsin fang-hsiang: i-hsie yu tai t'ao-lun te i-chien. -- Ai-er-man: Chung-hua ti-kuo hou-ch'i te k'o-chü chih-tu

Access: (downloaded 11-12-2004)
(part of the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies - to gain access please refer to!)
Shelfmark:PN1978.C5 S7 1984
Material:Computer file
Author:于建嶸, 1962-  Yü Chien-jung, 1962-
Title:于建嶸先生文集 / 于建嶸
Yü Chien-jung hsien-sheng wen-chi / Yü Chien-jung
Source:Chien Hung p'ing-lun wang 劍虹評論網 (2002-2004)
Description:17 HTML, 146 GIF, 37 JPEG, 3 CSS, 6 JScript, 15 PHP2 SWF, 53 WD3, 2 CAB files (2,71 MB)
Subjects:Rural conditions
Agricultural societies
Yü Chien-jung, 1962-

Access: (downloaded 24-07-2018)
(part of the Digital Archive for Chinese Studies - to gain access please refer to!)
Material:Computer file
Title:Events(inchronologicalorder)relatingtoProhibitingtheOperationofHongKongNationalParty香港民族黨underS.8ofSocietiesOrdinanceCao.151 / 警方 光碟 謄本
Events (in chronological order) relating to Prohibiting the Operation of Hong Kong National Party hsiang-kang min-tsu tang under S.8 of Societies Ordinance Cao.151 / Ching-fang kuang-tie shan-pen (27 May 2018)
Orig. URL:
Description:1 htm. 1 pdf files (6.98 KB)
Language:chi.; eng.
Corp. body:香港 警務 處
Hsiang-kang ching-wu ch'u
Subjects:Democracy - China - Hong Kong
Democratization - China - Hong Kong
Political parties - China - Hong Kong
Law - China
Ch'en Ho-tien, 1990-

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