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  1. Very useful
    Images from the Cultural Revolution = 文化大革命图片库档 (Thomas H. Hahn, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "These galleries with photographs cover various aspects of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China (generally dated 1966-1976). Much has been written about this traumatic segment of China's recent past, but - with the exception of the legacies of Li Zhensheng and Weng Naiqiang - the subject (for very complex and difficult reasons) is not well covered visually. [...] With the exception of Chang Song's striking images, the galleries offered here reflect parts of my own holdings on the subject. [...]"
    Contents: (1) The anti-Kong anti-Lin campaign in Qufu (27 photographs, April 1974); (2) Sports and physical education (15 photographs, November 1971); (3) The nation-wide educational campaign in the mechanical and life sciences (21 photographs, April 1974); (4) China's navy and archaeology on the Xisha Islands (20 photographs, approx. early 1974); (5) China's heavy industry in the early 1970s (18 photographs, no annotations available); (6) Drills and practices of the Peoples Liberation Army PLA in the early 1970s (14 photographs, no annotations available); (7) Ping Pong Politics, i.e., Chinese Foreign Relations marked by invitations to international Ping Pong tournaments (30 photographs); (8) Land reclamation and development measures (20 photographs, 1969 - 1972); (9) A small selection of Chang Song's work covering the campaigns of the late 1960s.
    Resource suggested via the H-Asia mailinglist (12 Nov 2008) by Thomas H. Hahn.
    Added 30 Nov 2008 (HL)


  2. Essential!
    The China beat : blogging how the East is read (Kate Merkel-Hess, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA, The China Beat, US, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA, Timothy Weston, University of Colorado, Bolder, CO, USA, Jeremiah Jenne, University of California, Davis, CA, USA, Paul R. Katz, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Kenneth Pomeranz, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA, Angilee Shah, Singapore, Susan Brownell, University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "The China Beat examines media coverage of China, providing context and criticism from China scholars and writers. [The China Beat] features original content from fourteen China scholars and journalists, including analysis of current events in historical perspective, recommendations for reading and viewing, and commentary on Western media coverage of China."
    Contents: (1) Regular Features; (2) About Us; (3) Subscribe to the China Beat; (4) Recent Comments; (5) Blog Archive; (6) Photos from our contributors.
    Added 20 Nov 2008 (HL)

    Full text resources

  3. Very useful
    民国资源库 = Digital resources from the Republican Era (中国国家图书馆, Beijing, China)
    Language: Chinese.
    Description: Full text access to (as of Nov 2008) 8172 titles of books, 4329 titles of periodicals and 8112 items of laws and legal documents from the Republican period.
    Availability: Free.
    Resource suggested by Shenxiao Tong, University of Edinburgh, UK.
    Added 17 Nov 2008 (HL)

    Full text resources

  4. Very useful
    数字方志资源库 (Digital local gazetteers) (中国国家图书馆, Beijing, China)
    Language: Chinese.
    Description: Full access to the rich collection of old local gazetteers (up to the Republican Era) held by the National Library of China (scanned images only!). The holdings can be searched by title, author, publisher, date, location and table of contents. However, no full text search is possible.
    Resource suggested by Shenxiao Tong (University of Edinburgh, UK).
    Added 16 Nov 2008 (HL)


  5. Essential!
    Sidney D. Gamble Photographs (Duke University Libraries, Durham, NC, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "From 1908 to 1932, Sidney Gamble (1890-1968) visited China four times, traveling throughout the country to collect data for social-economic surveys and to photograph urban and rural life, public events, architecture, religious statuary, and the countryside. A sociologist, renowned China scholar, and avid amateur photographer, Gamble used some of the pictures to illustrate his monographs. The Sidney D. Gamble Photographs digital collection marks the first comprehensive public presentation of this large body of work that includes photographs of Korea, Japan, Hawaii, San Francisco, and Russia. The site currently features photographs dated between 1917 and 1932; the 1908 photographs will be digitized and uploaded as part of future additions to the site."
    Description: This impressive collection of photographs is freely accessible, includes searchable metadata, and all photos can be viewed as thumbnails or in full size (with the possibility to zoom in). Additional material such as an interactive map and a timeline of Gamle's itinerary, a filmed documentary of his 1924-1927 voyage and a research guide with extra sources complement this database.
    Contents: (1) About; (2) Browse; (3) Copyright and Citation; (4) Interactive Map of Gamble's China; (5) Original Documentary; (6) Research Guide; (7) Timeline.
    Availability: free.
    Added 16 Nov 2008 (HL)

    Chinese Biographies - Biographical Databases

  6. Essential!
    China Biographical Database Project (CBDB) = 中國歷代人物傳記資料庫 (中央研究院歷史語言研究所, Taipei, Taiwan ; Harvard-Yenching Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA ; 北京大学中国古代史研究所, Beijing, China)
    Language: Chinese ; English.
    Cited description: "[...] an online relational database with biographical information about approximately 40,000 individuals as of July 2008, primarily from the seventh through fourteenth centuries. The data is meant to be useful for statistical and spatial analysis as well as serving as a kind of biographical reference. The long term goal of CBDB is systematically to include all significant biographical material from China’s history and to make the contents available free of charge, without restriction, for academic use."
    Contents: (1) Home; (2) History of the CBDB; (3) Collaborating Institutions and Editorial Committee; (4) Methodological Issues; (5) Mapping and Analyzing CBDB Data; (6) Structure of Data; (7) Work Progress; (8) Download CBDB Data; (9) Conferences and Papers; (10) First International Workshop on Biographical Databases for China's History; (11)Discussion Forum; (12) FAQ; (13) Chinese Homepage.
    Availability: Free.
    Resource suggested by Peter K. Bol, Harvard University, USA
    Added 16 Nov 2008 (HL)

    Academic Institutions - The Netherlands

  7. Asiascape = Contemporary East Asian Media Centre (CEAMC) (The Contemporary East Asian Media Centre (CEAMC), Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "Established in September 2007, Asiascape.net is the home of the Contemporary East Asian Media Centre (CEAMC). It is an attempt to build a new international research coalition in the rapidly emerging fields of cyberculture (New Media, Convergence Culture, Video Games and other related media, such as fan-culture) and animanga (Anime and Manga), especially as they relate to (or originate from) East Asia. [...] Asiascape seeks to sponsor and organize research into the importance of these media as a series of transformative, cutting edge, transnational global commodities, and/or as a series of cultural products that reveal much about East Asia itself. There is a scattered (and growing) group of international researchers working in this field and, in addition to conducting its own original research, Asiascape aims to provide a hub for the organization and direction of this rapidly emerging field. With an international advisory board of leading scholars, Asiascape will sponsor a series of 'state of the field' conferences and disseminate research using new and old media, including via this website and its associated news-blog, vistas."
    Contents: (1) staff; (2) news; (3) cybercultures; (4) animanga; (5) publications; (7) vistas; (8) reviews; (9) contacts.
    Added 10 Nov 2007 (AT)

    Society - Hong Kong

  8. Gender Research Centre (GRC) (The Gender Research Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "The Gender Research Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong is the first research unit on gender and women's issues in Hong Kong. Members include scholars from Social Science, Humanities, Medicine, Business Administration, and other interdisciplinary fields. [...] In 1990 [...] The Gender Research Programme (GRP) became one of the strategic research programmes affiliated with the HKIAPS. In addition to research projects, international conferences, bibliographies and databases, GRP's activities were expanded to include the hosting of community-based annual workshops, publication of a newsletter, consultancy research, and public advocacy. It also helped to launch the Gender Studies Programme at CUHK, the first academic curriculum offering a postgraduate M. Phil. Degree and an undergraduate Minor degree in Hong Kong. In July 2000, the GRP became the Gender Research Centre (GRC) under HKIAPS. Since 1985, both local and global concern for gender issues has become more prominent. The activities of the GRC have also become more diverse, and its impact extends beyond the academic field. It has direct influence on local and regional policies related to gender concerns. It has built up an international network of academics, practitioners, non-governmental organizations, and inter-governmental bodies that could be consolidated into a knowledge hub."
    Contents: (1) Overview; (2) Activities (Research, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars & Lectures, Publications, Training, Consultancy, Community Liaison & Advocacy); (3) Links; (4) What's New; (5) Enquiries; (7) Contact; (8) Newsletter.
    Added 10 Nov 2007 (AT)

    Journals - Politics

  9. China aktuell (The Institute of Asian Studies, GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Hamburg, Germany)
    ISSN: 0341-6631.
    Numbering: 1 (2006) -.
    Frequency: Bimonthly.
    Language: German.
    Cited description: "CHINA aktuell - Journal of Current Chinese Affairs is an internationally refereed academic journal published bimonthly by the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies in Hamburg, Germany, since 1972. The journal focuses on current developments in Greater China and is devoted to the transfer of scholarly insights to a wide audience. With a circulation of 1,200 copies, making it one of the world's most widely distributed periodicals on Asian affairs, China aktuell reaches a broad readership in the academia, administration and business circles. Scholarly contributions either in English or German cover the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and the fields of international relations, politics, economics, society, education, environment or law. Articles published in China aktuell are theoretically grounded, empirically sound and are reflecting the state of the art in contemporary Chinese studies. China aktuell - Journal of Current Chinese Affairs has made part of its content available online. On the journal web page [...] interested readers will find abstracts and the table of contents of the current as well as back issues. Scholarly articles are available free of charge upon request by email. From this web page you also have free access to all issues of China aktuell Data Supplement. Updated regularly by the end of every consecutive month China aktuell Data Supplement offers information on any change within the political leadership of the People's Republic of China from provincial level upwards, of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and provides concise biographical information on newly appointed PRC officials, on new laws and regulations, on agreements between the PRC and other countries or international organisations."
    Contents: (1) Full Table of Contents; (2) Subscription; (3) Documentation; (4) Call for Papers, Aims and Scope; (5) Editorial Team and Editorial Board; (6) Abstracting & Indexing; (7) Guidelines for Authors.
    Availability: Abstracts and tables of content available online. Scholarly articles are available free of charge upon request by email.
    Added 10 Nov 2007 (AB)

    History - Qing Dynasty

  10. Essential!
    Recording the grandeur of the Qing : the southern inspection tour scrolls of the Kangxi and Qianlong emperors (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, USA ; Columbia University, New York, NY, USA)
    Language: English.
    Supplied note: "[...] explores the art, government, and commerce of the Qing dynasty (1644-1912) through the presentation of four monumental artworks of the period. These four works are part of two larger sets of scrolls detailing the inspection tours of the realm undertaken by the two greatest Qing monarchs - Kangxi (r. 1662-1722) in 1689, and his grandson Qianlong (r. 1736-96) in 1751, in emulation of his grandfather. [...] Close-up views, interactive scenes, and descriptive essays together give viewers an intimate look at: (1) the commercial life of a busy Chinese city, where viewers encounter landmarks familiar to tourists today; (2) the two emperors themselves, including their extensive entourage, the imperial pomp and pageantry surrounding their travels, and the reception they received from their subjects as they toured Southern China, and their duties as emperors and their responsibilities in maintaining the Mandate of Heaven; (3) the conventions of Chinese painting during this time, and the influence of the techniques of Jesuit artists on these conventions; (4) the Qianlong emperor inspecting water control methods along the Grand Canal and visiting the Silk Commissioner in Suzhou; (5) famous landmarks, such as the Grand Canal, Mount Tai, and Tiger Hill in the city of Suzhou.
    In addition, several complementary topical essays discuss the following: (a) how the government of 18th-century China impressed European political thinkers of the time; (b) the thriving and sophisticated economy of China under the Qing; (c) the role of silver in China's economy and the impact of the Chinese demand for silver on the world economy; (d) the creation of a multi-ethnic state in China, which students can compare with the contemporaneous Russian and Ottoman empires; (e) the creation of the 'Canton system.'"

    Resource suggested via H-Asia mailinglist (20 Dec 2006) by Roberta H. Martin, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.
    Added 25 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Course Syllabi

  11. Very useful
    Asia for educators (Columbia University, New York, NY, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "An initiative of the East Asian Curriculum Project and the Project on Asia in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University, Asia for Educators (AFE) is designed to serve faculty and students in world history, culture, geography, art, and literature at the undergraduate and pre-college levels."
    Description: A rich collection of course material mainly focussing on China and Japan.
    Contents: (1) View by subject area (Art; Language; Literature; Religion & philosophy; Geography; Population; Society & culture; Economy & trade; Foreign policy & defense; Government & politics; Inventions/ideas; History); (2) View by file type; (3) View by time period; (4) Featured units (Recording the grandeur of the Qing; China & Europe: "What is modern"; The Song dynasty in China; Contemporary Japan: Society & culture; The Mongols in World History); (5) China: a teaching workbook; (6) Columbia teaching guides on Asia; (7) Webcourse East Asia in World history; (8) Travel/study programs; (9) Language study programs; (10) Other world areas; (11) Links; (12) Consortium; (13) Educator's forum; (14) "Education About Asia" (magazine).
    Added 25 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Academic Institutions - UK

  12. London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (LCTA) (LCTA, London, UK)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "LCTA is one of the UK's leading schools of Oriental medicine, based in Finchley Central, London. We run courses in acupuncture, oriental herbal medicine, tui na massage, nutrition and qi gong as well as a thriving Teaching Clinic. Our postgraduate and undergraduate courses are fully validated and accredited, degree level, and are tailored to suit those of you with no previous experience as well as healthcare practitioners from all systems of medicine. You can study part time or full time, during the week or at weekends, on courses ranging from one year to four years in length."
    Resource by Resource suggested by Laura Jerrard, LCTA, London, UK.
    Added 24 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Full-text Databases

  13. Very useful
    Les classiques des sciences sociales : Marcel Granet et la Chine ancienne (The classics of social science : Marcel Granet and ancient China) (Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, Canada)
    Language: French.
    Description: This site contains fulltext publications in French on ancient China (up to Han Dynasty, AD 220) by eminent French Sinologists of the early 20th century, freely downloadable in Word, PDF or Rich text format.
    Contents: (1) Marcel Granet (1884-1940) (his 13 publications on ancient China, including "La civilisation chinoise" and "La pensee chinoise"); (2) Les Classiques chinois (translations of the Confucian classics in French and English); (3) Les contemporains de Marcel Granet (publications by Henri Maspero (1883-1945), Edouard Chavannes (1865-1918), Leon Weiger s.j. (1845-1933), Henri Cordier (1849-1925), Ernst Viktor Zenker (1865-1946), Victor Segalen (1878-1919), P. Henri Dore, s.j. (1859-1931) and Pere Evariste Huc (1813-1860).
    Note: Although the site does not offer a fulltext search function, all texts are searchable using advanced search features of Google and other search engines (e.g. by restricting search to the domain "http://classiques.uqac.ca/").
    Resource suggested by Rudolf G. Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

  14. Essential!
    Digital Silk Roads = ディジタル・シルクロード (国立情報学研究所 (National Institute of Informatics), Tokyo, Japan)
    Language: English, Japanese.
    Cited description: "We wish to archive now the huge amount of cultural resources that have been collected and studied from the ancient to the current in a form without deterioration, and inherit those resources for the future. We wish to improve accessibility to those cultural resources for many people to actually see and use those resources."
    Description: A fascinating collection of different resources. Most of the resources are fully searchable (full text as well as image and map search!).
    Contents: (1) Digital Silk Roads (Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books; Citadel of Bam, Iran: Keeping Memories and Gathering Information for Post-earthquake Reconstruction; Silkroad Narratives; Digital Silkroad Kids; Silkroad Maps; Silkroad Terms; Silk Roads in Photographs; NII Imaginary Museum DSR); (2) Overview (About the Project; Portal Sites at NII; Sub Projects; Publications and Others; Project Members; Support); (3) Symposium.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf G. Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 18 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Media Landscape

  15. Essential!
    Biganzi = 笔杆子 (China Digital Times, Berkeley China Internet Project, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "[...] a new blog channel dedicated to tracking developments within the dynamic field of ¡§watchdog¡¨ reporting in China. In Chinese, bi ganzi (笔杆子) means 'wielders of the pen,' as Mao Zedong termed the propaganda soldiers of his Marxist-Leninist Revolution. Today, the Communist Party-ruled state retains ultimate authority and nominal ownership over the news media, but the erstwhile bi ganzi have in large part become aggressive, independent-minded journalists, who feel empowered to expose injustices and thereby push the envelope of reform. The function of BIGANZI is to report regularly on their breakthroughs, their setbacks and their scandals. Our goal is not to act as an exhaustive daily digest of goings-on within the Chinese press. Rather, it is to add to an already lively conversation taking place among Chinese media watchers. Besides flagging stories breaking in traditional media outlets and on the Internet, BIGANZI seeks to contribute behind-the-scenes reporting and original analysis."
    Added 18 Dec 2006 (HL)

    History - Republican China; Society - China; Photography

  16. Very useful
    Thomas H. Hahn docu-images (Thomas H. Hahn, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "The galleries on display here belong to the category of documentary photography. The main subject area is China and that country's rather rapid transformation from a rural to an urban-centered society. Taken together, these galleries constitute a visual archive that for the most part is meant to capture and to preserve information (or 'evidence of certain developments' perhaps). Only sometimes are these photographs suggestive or interpretive. [...]
    As of October 2006, specific themes prevalent in these galleries are: 1. Chinese modern art; 2. Urbanization and architecture (both historical and modern); 3. Daoist and/or Buddhist mountains, monasteries and 'theme parks'; 4. The city of Tianjin (formerly known as Tientsin); 5. Views of the cities Fuzhou and Yangzhou; 6. Impressions of Tibet (scanned photographs from my visit in 1986)."

    Contents: (1) China urban planning materials; (2) Contemporary Chinese art (including Factory 798); (3) Tibetan lands and people; (4) Historical material (Yuanming yuan, ca. 1870; Dayi Landlord Exhibition; Yunnan 1944); and many other topics.
    Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (07 Dec 2006) by Thomas H. Hahn.
    Added 16 Dec 2006 (HL)


  17. Very useful
    Der Westen in China - China im Westen = Cultural relations between China and the West (Ostasiatisches Seminar, Universitat Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland)
    Language: German, English.
    Cited description: "This database project is dedicated to the cultural relations between China and the West (1245-2000). It links systematically collected and scientifically validated biographic and bibliographic information. The main items are chronology and names, which are indexed and searchable. [...] The subject fields currently [Dec 2006 - ed.] comprise the following: history, religion, history of missions, travel and legation accounts, history of medias, geography, history of universities, sinology, literature, philosophy, art, and science."
    Resource suggested by Andrea Riemenschnitter, Zurich University, Zurich, Switzerland.
    Added 16 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Geography - Environment; Society - Hong Kong; Politics - Organizations

  18. Very useful
    Civic exchange = 思匯 (Civic Exchange, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: Chinese.
    Cited description: "Civic Exchange is an independent Hong Kong-based public policy think tank that was established in September 2000. [...] Its mission is to: (1) Promote civic education amongst members of the community and for such purpose to conduct research and publicise the results so as to provide objective and balanced information to the public concerning economic, social and environmental issues; and (2) Undertake research on development of economic, social and political policies and practices to help shape the breadth and depth of public policy debate and so to provide well-founded and reasoned argument on the issues identified above."
    Description: Among others, Civic Exchanges publishes books and freely accessible research papers on various political, economical, environmental and social issues in Hong Kong and China.
    Contents: (1) Events; (2) Publications (papers and reports on: Civic Participation and Social Development; Environment and Conservation; Integration of Economic Analysis; Interns Publications); (3) Bookstore (Civic Exchange book publications); (4) Internship Programme; (5) Volunteering; (6) Useful Links.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Fine Arts - General

  19. Useful
    Chinese avant-garde art archive : Wen Pulin archive of Chinese avant garde art (Charles W. Wason Collection on East Asia, Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA ; Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA)
    Language: English.
    Description: The Wen Pulin Archive of Chinese Avant Garde Art contains some 360 hours of digital video documenting the history of contemporary Chinese art, installation, and performance since 1985. [...] a unique international resource of video footage of art events, art performances, installations, and artist studio tours and interviews that traces the history of Chinese culture over this consequential twenty year period. This unique collection, which, due to the sensitive nature of its materials, is at present still restricted in use in China, will provide students and researchers with previously unseen documentation of the important developments in contemporary art in China over the past twenty years, the period of China's tremendous growth into a major venue of contemporary art and global culture.
    Contents: (1) Home; (2) About (Content listing of the video Archive; List of the artists occuring in the video segments; Chinese Modern Art - a bibliography; ...); (3) Biographies of various artists (Cui Jian; Du Zhenjun; Feng Mengbo; Li Xianting; Lin Yilin; Lu Shengzhong; Mou Sen; Song Dong; Song Yongping; Xing Danwen; Xu Bing; Yu Xiaofu; Zhang Dali; Zhou Shaobo; Chen Lingyang); (4) Timeline; (5) Biography of Wen Pulin (including a number of interviews); (6) Further readings.
    Added 15 Dec 2006 (HL)

    Fellowship Opportunities

  20. Co-ordination of research between Europe and China (CO-REACH) = 中国研究协调 (CO-REACH, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Secretariat), Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "CO-REACH is a network of European S&T policy and funding organisations involved in promoting research co-operation with China in the natural sciences, medical and life sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences and humanities. This network is intended to create coherence and synergy in Europe's S&T relations with China. It will do so by promoting the co-ordination of China-related policies and associated research funding programmes of individual European countries, and integrating these efforts with those of other multi-lateral European initiatives, including the programmes and agreements of the European Commission. CO-REACH is supported by the European Commission as an ERA-NET Co-ordination Action."
    Contents: (1) About; (2) Directory (database of exchange, funding and research programs); (3) News & Agenda; (4) Activities; (5) Results; (6) Work programme.
    Added 16 Dec 2006 (HL)


  21. Useful
    ChiMed : the history of Chinese medicine webpage (ChiMed, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "The ChiMed web site is managed by an international group of scholars who study the history of medicine in China. We hope it will serve as an electronic clearinghouse where people with similar interests can meet to exchange information and ideas."
    Contents: (1) Directory of scholars; (2) Institutions; (3) Libraries; (4) On-line and electronic resources; (5) Bibliographies and syllabi; (6) News and events; (7) Acknowledgements.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)


  22. Essential!
    Song research tools (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "Song Research Tools is a guide to bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases and chronologies of use to those interested in all aspects of Chinese society during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Peter Bol, Harvard College Professor and Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University, published the first edition of Sung Research Tools in 1990. With the publication of the online guide in 2003 Song Research Tools went into its third edition. The online edition, last updated in November 2006, contains more than 200 new titles. The online guide, now edited by Hilde De Weerdt, Assistant Professor of History at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville [...]."
    Contents: (1) Guides to the state of the field (Societies, newsletters, and journals; Retrospective assessments of the field; Introductions to the study of Sung history); (2) Bibliographies and abstracts of recent scholarship (In Western languages; In Chinese; In Japanese and Korean; Specialized bibliographies); (3) Bibliographies and abstracts of Sung-period sources (Modern comprehensive bibliographies; Modern specialized bibliographies and series; Sung-period bibliographies; Sung editions and inscriptions); (4) Historical encyclopedias and modern chronologies (Historical encyclopedias and dictionaries; Chronologies); (5) Biographical dictionaries and indexes to biographical information (Biographical dictionaries; Indexes to comprehensive biographical information; Dates of Sung figures; Personal-name indexes; Biographical series); (6) Indexes and concordances to Sung texts (The Sung shih; Other historical works; Literary writings and miscellanies; Neo-Confucian and Buddhist texts; Indexes to Sung texts whose contents are mainly pre-Sung; Comprehensive indexes and electronic databases); (7) Atlases, maps and place-name indexes (Atlases and maps; Guides to administrative and geographical locations; Indexes to Sung-period geographies; Place-name indexes to other works; Modern geographical studies and series); (8) Resources on the government (The structure of government; bureaucratic ranks; incumbents in certain offices; Offices and official titles); (9) Dictionaries and glossaries (Modern dictionaries and glossaries; Sung-period dictionaries and annotated glossaries); (10) Sung works with detailed tables of contents; (11) Appendix (List of Library of Congress Subject Headings Related to
    the Song Dynasty).
    Resource suggested via the H-Asia mailinglist (27 Nov 2006) by Hilde De Weerdt, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

  23. Useful
    Gender and sexuality in pre-modern China : bibliography of materials in Western languages (Paul R. Goldin, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    Language: English.
    Description: This bibliography is not annotated and unstructured - a long PDF file with ca. 650 entries on 48 pages [Dec 2006].
    Resource suggested by Rudolf G. Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

  24. Very useful
    Principal translations of the Thirteen Classics into Western languages (Paul R. Goldin, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    Language: English.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf G. Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

  25. Useful
    Ancient Chinese civilization : bibliography of materials in Western languages (Paul R.@Goldin^, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "This bibliography aims to be inclusive from the Bronze Age through the pre-Buddhist era and contains approximately 6,200 entries [as of Dec 2006 - ed.]. [...] Book reviews, encyclopedia articles, and exhibition catalogues are not normally included unless they represent original scholarship and bear directly on the study of ancient China."
    Description: This bibliography is not annotated and unstructured - a long PDF file of 414 pages. Most recent publications (2005 onward) are kept in a separate file at http://paulrgoldin.com/db3/00258/paulrgoldin.com/_download/2005-6Bibliography.pdf.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf G. Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

  26. Useful
    Bibliography of materials pertaining to the Kuo-tien and Shanghai Museum manuscripts (Paul R. Goldin, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "This bibliography, which contains approximately 1,080 entries [as of Dec 2006 - ed.], does not normally include book reviews; conference handouts; or articles appearing in newspapers, newsletters, or on the internet. [...]"
    Description: This bibliography is not annotated and unstructured - a long PDF file of 89 pages.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf G. Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 17 Dec 2006 (HL)

  27. Very useful
    Der Westen in China - China im Westen : Cultural relations between China and the West (Ostasiatisches Seminar, Universitat Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland)
    Language: German, English.
    Cited description: "This database project is dedicated to the cultural relations between China and the West (1245-2000). It links systematically collected and scientifically validated biographic and bibliographic information. The main items are chronology and names, which are indexed and searchable. [...] The subject fields currently [Dec 2006 - ed.] comprise the following: history, religion, history of missions, travel and legation accounts, history of medias, geography, history of universities, sinology, literature, philosophy, art, and science."
    Resource suggested by Andrea Riemenschnitter, Zurich University, Zurich, Switzerland.
    Added 16 Dec 2006 (HL)


  28. Useful
    Manuscrits - Orient : Asie centrale et orientale (Oriental Manuscripts : Central and Oriental Asia) (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
    Language: French.
    Description: Scanned versions of the catalogues of the Dunhuang and other East Asian manuscript and early print collections of the National Library of France. Navigation through the catalogues is a bit cumbersome, and no full text search is provided. The catalogues may be saved or printed in PDF or TIFF format, free of charge.
    Contents: (1) Pelliot chinois (Dunhuang manuscripts from the Chinese collection of Paul Pelliot); (2) Pelliot tibétain (Dunhuang manuscripts from the Tibetan collection of Pelliot); (3) Autres collections Pelliot (other Pelliot collections: Chinese, Khotanese, Kuchean, Uighur, Sanskrit, Sogdian, Xixia, divers); (4) Chinois (Chinese manuscripts, xylographies and contemporary prints); (5) Coréen (Korean manuscripts, xylographies and contemporary prints); (6) Japonais (1900 Japanese manuscripts and xylographies); (7) Mandchou (297 Manchurian manuscripts and xylographies); (8) Mongol (175 Mongolian xylographies and prints); (9) Tibétain (333 Tibetan manuscripts and 1506 xylographies).
    Availability: Not all texts are available yet (Jul 2006), but those that are are freely available in PDF and TIFF format.
    Resource suggested by Rudolf Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 29 Jul 2006 (HL)

    Chinese News Media - Media Landscape

  29. Essential!
    China Media Project = 中國傳媒研究計劃 (Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English; Chinese.
    Cited description: "[...] Working directly with editors, writers and producers from various media in China, the project documents and analyzes the process of media reform in China and the formal and informal factors that influence it. [...]"
    Description: The China Media Project publishes different primary and secondary materials relating to media, journalism and censorship.
    Contents: (1) China Media Almanac (weekly, since June 2006); (2) Case studies (e.g. the Beijing taxi corruption case); (3) Oral histories from media personel; (4) Media reform database [not available as of July 2006]; (5) Media dictionary; et al.
    Added 10 Jul 2006 (JAG)

    History - Ming / Qing

  30. Useful
    La China en España : Elaboración de un corpus digitalizado de documentos españoles sobre China de 1555 a 1900 (China in Spain : a digitized corpus of Spanish documents on China from 1555 to 1900) (Escola d'Estudis de l'Àsia Oriental, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
    Language: Spanish.
    Cited description: "This project tries to locate, transcribe, digitize and publish Spanish resources on China from the 16th to the 19th century. [...] During the first phase of the project, which is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture and will take three years, the following resources will be investigated:
    a) Documents of the 16th and 17th centuries, with special emphasis on missionary's reports from their travels to China, and on documents related to the rites controversy.
    b) Documents referring to the relations between China and the Philippines in the 16th and 17th centuries, with special emphasis on the relations of the governors of the Philippines with China and the treatment of Chinese emigrants in the Philippines.
    c) Spanish documents of the 19th century referring to the foreign penetration of China and the resulting social convulsions. [...]"
    [Spanish text tr. by HL]
    Description: Currently [June 2006] the site contains some 120 documents manually transcribed from their originals, including some bibliographical meta data. Unfortunately no search function is included.
    Contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Chronological index; (3) Author's index; (4) Index of archives; (5) Useful links.
    Resource suggested by Nicolas Standaert, Leuven University, Belgium.
    Added 8 Jul 2006 (HL)

    Institutions - Spain

  31. Barcelona: Escola d'Estudis de l'Àsia Oriental (School of East Asian Studies) (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
    Language: Catalan; Spanish; English.
    Added 8 Jul 2006 (HL)

    History - Mongolia

  32. Very useful
    Mongolian history : Online resources (The Indo-Mongolian Society of New York, New York, USA)
    Language: English.
    Supplied note: "The Indo-Mongolian Society of New York has created a Mongolian history and culture website offering on-line resources for a range of information about Mongolia, Mongol history and related topics. [...] The website also contains a very large compilation of Mongolian History and related information on-line resources. [...] The website also offers Indo-Mongolian Society lecture papers, excerpts from books, and other Mongolian history articles. These include some of the following:
    'Chinggis Khan and the Talking Rhino of India', 'The Name of the Mongols' (Mongol to Mughal) both papers by Prof. Igor de Rachewiltz. 'The Legacy of Genghis Khan in Law and Politics' by Prof. Robert D. McChesney, 'Mongol Empire's Organizational Innovation' by Prof. Thomas Barfield, excerpts from 'Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World' by Prof. Jack Weatherford."
    - lk.
    Contents: (1) History of the Mongols; (2) Genghis Khan ?Chinggis Khan; (3) Mongol Military Campaigns; (4) Yuan Dynasty ?Mongol China; (5) Ilkhanid Dynasty ?Mongol Iran; (6) Ulus Chaghatay Dynasty ?Mongol Central Asia; (7) Golden Horde Dynasty ?Mongol Russia; (8) Mongol Invasions of Japan; (9) Mongols in South East Asia; (10) Post-Empire and Modern Mongolia; (11) Mongolian Women in History; (12) Nomadic Civilization ?Pastoral Nomadism and Inner Asian History; (13) Religious History of the Mongols; (14) Art of the Mongol Empire; (15) Other Mongolian History Images; (16) Other Articles About Mongolian History; (17) Mongol Empire Maps; (18) Mongolian History Timelines; (19) Central Asian Tribal Groups History; (20) Siberian Tribal Groups; (21) The Manchus; (22) The Silk Road; (23) Silk Road Art; (24) Silk Road Frescoes of Dunhuang; (25) Historical Maps; (26) Period Photos: Mongol, Tibetan, Siberian and Central Asian Subjects; (27) Indian Historical Cultural Influence in Central Asia, Gandaharan, Bactrian, Sogdian, Parthian and Sarmation Art.
    Resource suggested via the H-Asia mailinglist (05 May 2006) by via Asian Studies WWW Monitor by Lyle Krahl.
    Added 23 Jun 2006 (MA)

    Journals - Economy / Politics / Law

  33. Perspectives = 视角杂志 (Overseas Young Chinese Forum, Rockville, MD, USA)
    ISSN: 1533-1105.
    Numbering: 1.1 (1999)- (English version) ; 1.1 (2001)- (Chinese version).
    Frequency: Quarterly.
    Language: English; Chinese.
    Cited description: "Perspectives publishes theoretical and empirical papers in social sciences, law, and humanities on topics related to China which advance the understanding of China's modern development in the world context. The journal's regular columns include: Economics, Law, Political Theory and Practice, Society and Culture, International Relations, History, and Philosophy. While up-to-date research papers are the focus, the journal also publishes articles introducing concepts and ideas in the above fields that are new to the general Chinese intellectual. In addition, Perspectives has non-academic columns such as Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, and News Commentaries, for readers interested in the cultural scenes in the global Chinese community."
    Availability: All issues are freely available on-line.
    Resource suggested by Yan Li, Perspectives, Rockville, MD, USA.
    Added 23 Jun 2006 (HL)

    Full-text databases - Text collections

  34. Useful
    Chinese Text Project = 中國哲學書電子化計劃 (Donald Sturgeon)
    Language: English; Chinese (GB).
    Supplied note: "I am a graduate of Chinese philosophy, and have been developing an online e-text system since writing my graduation thesis, when I found that there were no resources on the web that met my particular needs. The aim of the site is to make use of hyperlinks and server-side scripting to create interactive, searchable versions of classic texts of Chinese philosophy which remain completely true to the originals. Standard English and modern Chinese translations of several texts are also integrated into the system (more to be added). I think the site would be particularly useful for anyone studying Mozi, as this is the text I am most interested in and has therefore been the subject of much of my work on the site so far."
    Contents: (1) Mozi 墨子; (2) Lunyu 論語; (3) Mengzi 孟子; (4) Han Feizi 韓非子; (5) Zhuangzi 莊子; (6) Huainanzi 淮南子; (7) Shiji 史記; (8) Liji 禮記; (9) Gongsun Longzi 公孫龍子; (10) Daodejing 道德經; (11) Xunzi 荀子; (12) Commentaries and translations into Modern Chinese 校注與白話今譯 (墨子閒詁; 墨子白話今譯; 論語譯注).
    Resource suggested by Donald Sturgeon.
    Added 21 Jun 2006 (HL)

    Full-text databases - Text collections

  35. Very useful
    Gallica : la bibliothèque numérique (Gallica : the digital library) (Bibliothèque nationale de France)
    Language: French.
    Description: The digital library of the National Library of France contains a number of rare and valuable items pertaining to China. Searching for auteur (author) "Kircher" or "Trigault" will bring up illustrations from their "China monumentis qua sacris qua profanis ..." and "De Christiana expeditione apud Sinas ..." respectively, and searching for sujet (subject) "chine" will lead to books by Du Halde, Le Comte and many others. Books come as PDF files, while illustrative works ("documents iconographiques") are presented as JPEGs. Unfortunately these illustrations can't be resized and are too small to be decipherable.
    Resource suggested via Rudolf Wagner (Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany) by Nicolas Standaert (Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium).
    Added 20 Jun 2006 (HL)

    Institutions - Switzerland

  36. Bern: Lehrgebiet Chinesisch (Chinese) (Universität Bern, Bern, Switzerland)
    Language: German.
    Added 28 May 2006 (HL)

  37. Geneva: Centre d'études asiatiques = Center for Asian Studies (Center for Asian Studies, Geneva, Switzerland)
    ( http://hei.unige.ch/cea/).
    Language: English; French.
    Cited description: "The Centre for Asian Studies (CAS) was founded by the Graduate Institute of International Studies of Geneva in 1971, and, since 1987 is co-sponsored by the Graduate Institute of Development Studies.
    The CAS focuses on the international relations of the Asia-Pacific region and the economic, political and social development of the various Asian countries.
    The CAS organizes conferences (public lectures, seminars and workshops) aimed at developing a better knowledge of Asia and conducts research projects.
    The CAS runs a documentation centre which collection is of about 370 scientific journals. The CAS publications consist in a triennal newsletter with selected articles list, occasional papers, briefing notes and edited studies.
    The CAS is a co-sponsor of the post-grade interdisciplinary diploma in Asian studies (DESS-Asie) launched in 2003 as the first one of its kind in Switzerland."

    Added 28 May 2006 (HL)


  38. Essential!
    康熙字典網上版 (Online Kangxi character dictionary) (Ed./corp.: n/a)
    Language: Chinese (UTF-8).
    Description: This site offers free online access to the 47.000+ characters in the dictionary, first published in 1716, based on a reprint of the Tongwen shuju 同文書局 edition (1895-97). Users can search for single characters or their Unicode code-points (UTF-32, omitting leading zeros), browse the contents by radical, or simply "leaf" through the dictionary.
    Only the headwords (lemmata) can be searched, not the commentaries or glosses. For each character the page number where it appears in the dictionary and its Unicode number are given.
    For a limited number of characters (i.e. 中 / 4E2D) the dictionary entry has been digitised (typed). Users are encouraged to add more information about single characters in the forum.
    Contents: (1) 首頁 (main page); (2) 原圖掃描版 (scanned originals); (3) 部首檢索 (radicals search [not yet operational as of May 2006 - M.A.]); (4) 全文檢索 (full text search); (5) 論壇 (forum); (6) 聯絡 (contact).
    Added 28 May 2006 (MA)

    Politics - China

  39. Essential!
    EastSouthWestNorth = 東南西北 (Roland Soong, EastSouthWestNorth, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English.
    List format: Weblog (blog).
    Description: This is probably one of the most relevant blogs about current China. Also included are issues related to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Born 1949 in Shanghai and having spent 32 years in the US, its author Roland Soong currently lives in Hong Kong. In the real world Robert Soong is the chief technical officer for KMR, the world's second-largest media research firm.
    Added 27 May 2006 (HL)

    Politics - China

  40. Very Useful
    China Confidential (Confidential Reporter ; Google Blooger, Google, Mountain View, CA, USA (Headquarters))
    Language: English.
    List format: Weblog (blog).
    Description: China Confidential has been reporting and analyzing political developments in China since 2005. Although repeatedly being cited by various sources (incl. BBC) the identity of its author "Confidential Reporter" has [as of May 2006] not yet been revealed.
    Added 27 May 2006 (HL)

    History - Republican China

  41. Essential!
    The Rev. Claude L. Pickens, Jr. Collection on Muslims in China (The Harvard College Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US)
    Language: English.
    Supplied note: "[The site] is the culmination of a two-year project to catalog and digitize some 1000 photos of China's Muslim population in western China in the 1920s and 1930s and the activities of Christian missionaries working among them. Much of what appears in the photographs has been reported to have been lost or destroyed. The related finding aid to printed material in the collection points to an extensive collection of materials related to Islam in general and Islam in China in particular. We hope that in another year or so to be able to digitize some of the more obscure print materials to make them viewable on-line through a page-turner system. When we created the finding aid, the system could not accept Chinese or Arabic script, so the records appear in romanization only. Some of the printed materials (particularly, posters) also appear in the image catalog (VIA) [...]." [RL]
    Contents: (1) Biographical Note; (2) Islam in China: A Selected Bibliography of English-Language Publications; (3) Finding Aid to the Collection; (4) View the Photographs in the VIA Catalog.
    Resource suggested via the AS WWW Monitor, May 2006, Vol. 13, No. 6 (249) by Raymond Lum, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Cambridge, MA, USA).
    Added 27 May 2006 (HL)

    Journals - History

  42. Chinese Business History = 中國商業史 (History Department, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA, US ; Chinese Business History Research Group)
    ISSN: 1090-834X.
    Numbering: 1.1 (1991)- .
    Frequency: Semiannual.
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "Chinese Business History [Zhongguo Shangye Shi] is the semiannual bulletin of the Chinese Business History Research Group, an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies. Since 1990, historians of Chinese business and economy have filled its pages with reports on their current research, reflections on theoretical and practical issues in the field, reports on conferences, and notes on archives of primary sources which promise to be useful to scholars."
    Site Contents: (1) CBH Bulletin [Current issue; Spring 2006, Volume 16, Number 1]; (2) Scholar Directory; (3) Working Papers [in PDF format]; (4) Submissions; (5) Links; (6) Archives [of documents]; (7) Previous Issues [in PDF format].
    Availability: All issues since v. 9.2 (1999) available on-line.
    Added 27 May 2006 (HL), last updated 21 Jun 2006 (HL/ML)

    News Media - Background

  43. Essential!
    中国新闻研究中心 = China Dominant-journalism Development Center (CDDC) (CDDC, Beijing, China)
    Language: Chinese (GB).
    Description: The China Dominant-journalism Development Center was established in November 2001 as a source of information for scholars and people from the media sector. CDDC offers articles, analysis, reports and discussion on a wide range of topics related to media in China, authored by journalists, researchers, lawers and other authorities from the field. You shouldn't expect articles running counter to government expectation, though: CDDC is certainly no platform for government dissent. Thus, you will find discussion of the "Mantou" issue (Chen Kaige's "The promise" being spoofed by a short on-line video, "A Murder Caused by Mantou", but a search for "Bingdian" doesn't deliver any clue on the 2006 closing of the popular investigative weekly section of China Youth Daily. The articles are presented in an intelligent way (topical, most recent, most popular, search title, search author) so that you can easily keep track of important issues.
    Contents: (1) 重点推荐 Recommended reading; (2) 最新文章 New articles; (3) 热点文章 Most popular articles; (4) 传媒经济 Media business; (4) 传媒产业 Media industry; (5) 媒介批评 Media review; (6) 新闻与法 News and law; (7) 新闻业务 News profession; (8) 新闻理论 Theoretical issues of journalism; (9) 新闻学习 Studying journalism; (10) 新闻史学 Media history; (11) 新闻教育 Journalist's education; (12) 媒介人物 People from the media sector; (13) 大众传播 Mass media; (14) 传媒经管 Media management; (15) 舆论影响 Public opinion; (16) 广电世界 Broadcast and television; (17) 广告业 Advertising sector; (18) 新媒体 New media; (19) 媒介动态 Latest developments in the media sector; (20) 传媒人才 New talents for the media sector; (21) 传媒改革 Reforming the media; (22) 新闻伦理 Media and ethics; (23) 书店书评 Book reviews; (24) 传媒调查 Research; (25) 新闻奖项 Diskussing media awards; (26) 媒介展区 Introducing media; (27) 传媒竞争 Media competition; (28) 传媒环境 Background reports; (29) 传媒博客 Media blog; (30) 传媒内参 Newsletter.
    Added 1 May 2006 (HL)

    Language - Dictionaries

  44. Essential!
    異體字字典 = Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants (Mandarin Promotion Council, Ministry of Education, Taipei, Taiwan; Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan)
    Language: Chinese (Big5).
    Description: The dictionary offers searchable lists of variants, arranged by their standard forms. To get to a character one looks it up using the radical or stoke-count lists. In the left part of the screen each standard form has a main entry with explanations. To the right the available variants are displayed (images). Clicking on one of them displays the variant's entry as it appears in different references. Many of these references have been scanned and will be displayed in the right-hand side of the screen. To get access to materials not publicly available one has to fill in an application form. To view all special characters in the explanations one has to install additional fonts. These are available in the FAQ section of the page.
    Contents: (1) System; (2) Editions; (3) Search for character forms; (4) Additional indexes; (5) Terms used.
    Note: Installation of additional fonts necessary.
    Added 10 Apr 2006 (MA)

    Fine Arts - Calligraphy

  45. Very useful
    Chine, l'Empire du trait (China, empire of the brush stroke) (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
    Language: French, minor parts in English.
    Description: This website is the online part of the 2004 exhibition at the French National Library on Chinese calligraphy. It comprises texts and illustrations from the printed catalog with a number of additional material, i.e. video sequences on the Dunhuang manuscripts and a multipart interview with Fan Zheng. The excellent objects of the Oriental Manuscripts department, where also the Pelliot collection belongs to, form the core of the impressive show. Quite unfortunately, the English pages only cover the very short captions of the "en images" part (access: http://expositions.bnf.fr/chine/expo_us); all other information is French only. As navigating the complex site may lead to some confusion, the sitemap - hidden at the lower left corner of some pages - can be very helpful.
    Contents: (1) en images (l'exposition; gros plans: écriture et calligraphie / Wang Xizhi, prince des calligraphes / les trois enseignements et l'art du trait / les manuscrits de Dunhuang / le soixantième anniversaire de l'empereur Kangxi / Yuanming Yuan, le jardin du palais d'éte; Rencontre avec Fan Zeng); (2) arrêt sur (la calligraphie: empire du trait / règles calligraphiques / l'acte de copie / offrandes bouddhiques / jeux calligraphiques / Wang Xizhi; d'un même pinceau: peinture / esquisses / orner, expliquer... / peintures rouleaux; l'art du trait: des convergences / confucianisme / taoïsme / bouddhisme; l'empire en images: éloge de l'encre / développement de l'édition / art et politique / albums précieux / représentation du paysage / rapports texte image); (3) repères (l'écriture chinoise: la légende / archéologie / système / les styles / les règles / la calligraphie / codes / classement; impressions de Chine: techniques / formes du livre / de l'image au texte / livres illustrés / presses / polychromies; le papier; trois enseignements: trois traditions / le taoïsme / le confucianisme / le bouddhisme); (4) gros plans (écriture et calligraphie; Wang Xizhi, prince des calligraphes; les trois enseignements et l'art du trait; les manuscrits de Dunhuang; le soixantième anniversaire de l'empereur Kangxi; Yuanming Yuan, le jardin du lpalais d'été); (5) rencentre (entretien avec Fan Zeng, poète, calligraphe, peintre); (6) le pavillon des lettrés (anthologie: la calligraphie / la pensée chinoise / la peinture / le jardin / le palais d'été; citations: propos sur la peinture / propos de calligraphes; ressources: bibliographie sélective / bibliographie générale / en salle de lecture / sites web / chronologie; iconographie: les manuscrits de Dunhuang / les grottes de Dunhuang / la mission Pelliot / les seize arhats / vues du mont Hu / du labourage et du tissage / le palais d'été / l'anniversaire de Kangxi / hommage à l'empereur / toute l'iconographie); (7) autour de l'exposition (informations; crédits).
    Note: Quicktime player is required for the video material.
    Added 3 Apr 2006 (MA)

    Geography - Maps

  46. Very useful
    ExEAS: Maps (ExEAS - Expanding East Asian Studies, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA)
    Language: English.
    Description: Annotated list of links to sites with maps on China.
    Resource suggested via the H-Asia mailinglist (23 Feb 2006) by Heidi Johnson, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.
    Added 26 Feb 2006 (HL)

  47. Useful
    China Maps and Travel Guide (Maps-of-China.net, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "We collect, scan, and publish all kinds of China maps and China travel guide to help you plan your next China trip or just learn about China."
    Description: Provides a number of scanned English language maps of China.
    Contents: (1) China maps; (2) Provinical maps; (3) City maps; (4) Attractions; (5) Other maps.
    Resource suggested by Rudolph Wagner, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
    Added 26 Feb 2006 (HL)

    On-line Journals - Art

  48. Asia Pacific Arts (Asia Institute, The University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
    Numbering: 4 Apr 2003-.
    Frequency: Biweekly.
    Language: English.
    Self description: "Asia Pacific Arts, published by the UCLA Asia Institute, covers the dynamic worlds of Asian and Asian American arts and entertainment. As perusing back issues will demonstrate, our field of vision is wide. We explore film, television, music, literature, art, exhibitions, and festivals. You'll find interviews with the newest creators as well as with established artists. Features explore cross-medium interplay, interaction across cultures, and innovative blends of old forms and techniques with newer ones. The web magazine goes where print cannot -- delivering streaming audio and video interviews, film clips, and music samples."
    Contents: (1) The Magazine; (2) View Past Issues; (3) Discuss APA; (4) About the Magazine; (5) Contact Asia Pacific Arts; (6) Support Us; (7) RSS Feed.
    On-line availability: Past issues still available back to the first issue of April 4, 2003. Searchable archive.
    Added 20 Dec 2005 (MA)


  49. Useful
    Digital Scrolling Paintings Project (Center for the Art of East Asia, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill., USA)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "The Center for the Art of East Asia has initiated a project to create a database of Chinese handscroll paintings in a scrolling digital format. [...] Meant to be unrolled horizontally and viewed section by section as continuous pictures that progress in space and time, handscroll paintings call for a special kind of engagement or participation on the part of the viewer. This temporal and spatial quality is lost in slides or reproductions in books, but can be simulated in the digital medium. Digitized sections of a handscroll that are stitched together can be viewed as a continuous virtual image in the computer through which one can scroll, stop and look more closely, or go back, much as one would experience the actual painting. The digital imaging liberates the viewer from the single viewpoint presented in photographs and slides and creates an exciting tool for teaching and the study of these works of art. It allows the building of interfaces to add text and sound annotations, and zoom properties along with the scrolling capability. [...] this project is progressing on two fronts. The first is to scan existing reproductions into an electronic learning environment for a course site in Chalk. The second is to acquire digital photographs of original paintings to produce a database for research and education purposes."
    Description: Currently (Dec 2005) only three scrolls are available: (1) "Wangchuantu 輞川圖", attributed to Guo Zhongshu 郭忠恕 (ca. 910-977), after Wang Wei 王維 (701-761); (2) "Landscape after Huang Gongwang 臨大痴山水圖" by Lan Ying 藍瑛; and (3) "Orchids" by Yun Xiang 韻香 (fl. 19th cent.). Of special interest is the comparing of scrolls, a feature normally missing from digital projects in the arts. Hopefully, there will be more scrolls available soon. Personally, I missed a "hand tool" for easier scrolling and the use of the right mouse-button, i.e. in zooming in or out.
    Content: (1) About; (2) Scroll Archive; (3) CAEA Website; (4) Contact; (5) Viewer Help.
    Note: Macromedia's Flash Player (version 6+) is required.
    Added 17 Dec 2005 (MA)


  50. Very useful
    在线佛学辞典 (FoDict - Online Buddhist Dictionary) (中华佛典宝库 Zhonghua fodian baoku; 厦门市南普陀寺 Xiamen shi Nan Putuo si, Xiamen, China)
    Language: Chinese (GB).
    Description: This dictionary is an interesting, yet slow resource which performes a combined search within currently (Dec 2005) 18 sources: 佛学大辞典;佛学常见辞汇;三藏法数([明]一如编);中国佛教(中国佛教协会编);翻译名义集([宋]法云编);佛学次第统编([明]杨卓编);汉英-英汉-英英佛教词汇;巴-英南传佛教辞典;法相辞典;中国大百科全书(摘录);法界次第初门;法门名义集;俗语佛源;五灯会元;佛教器物简述;祖庭事苑;阅藏知津;佛教人物传. By default, only entry-headings are searched and the string has to start with the search term. However, that can be changed in the settings (设置) section, where also each source can be in/excluded. There is even a Sanskrit font available for download. Users should note, that fulltext search (全文检索) excludes the entry-headings, and changes in the settings first need to be "saved" (确定).
    Content: (1) Search; (2) Search history; 3) Settings; (4) Dictionaries overview; (5) Join us.
    Added on 12 Dec 2005 (MA)

    Scholarly journals

  51. Journal Asiatique (Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France)
    ISSN: 0021-762X.
    Numbering: 1 (1822) - .
    Frequency: Semi-annual.
    Language: French.
    Self description: "The Journal Asiatique, started in 1822, is the oldest orientalist journal published in France and the official organ of the Société Asiatique de Paris. Since its inception, it has been devoted to the publication of highly erudite articles presenting the results of new and achieved researches. Initially mostly devoted to orientalist philology and history, it has come to cover all the disciplines of both the humanities and the social sciences for an area stretching from the Near East to Japan. Besides French, the languages accepted for publication are English, German, Italian, and Spanish."
    Availability: All articles of issues 1 (1822) - 225 (1934) freely available on-line.
    Resource suggested by James Ward, via EASTLIB mailinglist, 16 Aug 2005.
    Added 16 Aug 2005 (HL)

    Digital full-text resources

  52. Very useful
    Digital Research Library (DRL): Modern China Studies (East Asian Library/Digital Research Library, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
    Language: English, Chinese (GB).
    Self description: "[...] Since the digitization of selected monographs was a pilot project by the University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, only 36 titles (37 volumes with approximately 10,500 pages) published before 1955 were selected from the East Asian Library (EAL). The goal of this pilot project is to enhance the access to these rare and unique primary documents and reference books for both researchers and librarians. The titles cover two categories: primary sources and reference tools. The subject areas range from politics, economy and law to history, education and literature. Primary sources are divided by subject: history (4), law (2), literature (1), political science (4) and social sciences (8). Reference tools are arranged by type: bibliography (1), chronology (1), directory (1), handbooks (2), statistics (7) and yearbooks (5)."
    Description: Although limited to 36 titles, this digitizing project can serve as an exemplary model in terms of metadata, image quality, and project documentation. The available texts "about Modern China published in the first half of the twentieth century" are listed on a single "Texts" page, each linking to an information page with a detailed bibliographic description and a table of contents. Each item of this table is linked to the corresponding page image of the text. The main shortcoming of the whole project is that all texts are available as images only, there is no fulltext. Texts are displayed within an embedded application called "Pageviewer", that allows to view the page as image (small, normal, or large) or as pdf-file (requiring Adobe Acrobat plugin). One can also jump to a specific page; an overview list of all text-pages (numbers or thumbnails) is not available. It is recommended to view the files as pdf because that allows for easy zooming in/out the page. Unfortunately, this is not the default option, but once set to "view page as pdf" it will not change within the current text. There is no "full screen" option; to display a full page on the screen one has to zoom out in pdf mode, or to print the page. The "About" section offers insight into the concepts and process of digitization, a section explaining why each individual text was chosen for digitization is missing.
    Site contents: (1) Home; (2) Selection; (3) Texts; (4) About; (5) Copyright; (6) Help; (7) Contact Us.
    Added 11 Aug 2005 (MA)

    Chinese & Computer

  53. Useful
    Chinese language processing (Sebastien Bruggeman, Catholic University Leuven, Leuven, Belgium)
    Language: English; Dutch.
    Self description: "Although the title of this page is Chinese language processing, this page is more about Chinese computing and everything related with it. But you can also find information on Chinese language processing and the use of Chinese on periperhal devices."
    Site contents: (1) Technical (Charactersets; Encoding; Input methods); (2) Internet (Domain name issues; China's 'Great Firewall'; i18n and l10n); (3) Help (HOWTO (need help with Chinese on the computer or web?); References); (4) Documentation (RFC's; Online documents; Papers); (5) Linux (Chinese Linux distributions; Chinese HOWTO); (6) Handheld devices (Cellphones; PDA; Other (pen, ocr, ...)); (7) In Dutch; (8) Other (Search CEDICT; Downloads); (9) Language (Chinese grammar; Romanisation; Language processing (machine) translation).
    Added 28 Jul 2005 (MA)

    Internet in China

  54. Useful
    The List of Filtered Items (EastSouthWestNorth, zonaeuropa.com, 9 Sep 2004)
    Language: English.
    Supplied note: "For anybody interested in sensitive media, banned political terms, insulting variations of names of politicians or variations of political terms, slander or just interested in studying some Chinese slang and obscenities, here is a list of 'some' of those words, terms and names as filtered by the [Chinese - HL] government in the net."
    Description: This page is part of the anonymous weblog 東南西北 EastSouthWestNorth, part of the Zona Europa website. The blog covers a broader range of topics, mostly related to media, internet, and human rights.
    Site contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Table of filtered items; (3) addendum by Andy Greenberg 5 Oct 2004.
    Resource suggested by Natascha Gentz, Chinese Department, University of Frankfurt, Germany.
    Added 28 Jul 2005 (MA)

    Full-text Databases

  55. Very useful
    中国研究论文库 = China Research Papers Online - Paper Collection (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: Chinese (GB); English.
    Supplied note: "An immense collection of online and printed articles on China. The "Paper Collection" is part of the Universities Service Centre homepage hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong."
    Description: Although the criteria for selection of the papers remain unclear this site contains a number of high quality articles, especially on modern society, politics and economy. The texts are available as fulltext html-files and the site offers good cross-links to related articles. However, there are no references to original page numbers, most articles do not show publishing dates, notes are not linked and in some western texts the spaces are not correctly displayed. The search function looks for title, author, and (free) keywords, result lists may be long but search terms are not highlighted. Articles may also be browsed by author (Chinese names only) or (sub-) categories.
    Site contents: (1) Philosophy, Culture, History; (2) Society, Household, Social Sciences; (3) Economy, Labor and Capital, Communications; (4) Industry, Service Sector; (5) Rural Areas, Agriculture; (6) Politics, Administration; (7) Diplomacy, Military Affairs, National Policies; (8) Finance, Banking, Trade; (9) Law; (10) Education; (11) Environment, Geography, Science; (12) Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan; (13) Literature, Arts; (14) Research Reports, Book Reviews; (15) Browse by Categories; (16) Article Search; (17) Authors Index; (18) Submit Articles.
    Resource suggested by Christian Gbel, Duisburg University, Duisburg, Germany.
    Added 28 Jul 2005 (MA)

    Chinese Music

  56. Useful
    Jeroen on Chinese Rock (Jeroen Groenewegen, Leiden University, The Netherlands)
    Language: English, with some Chinese (GIF); site encoded in GB.
    Site contents: (1) Tongue: Making Sense of Underground Rock, Beijing 1997-2004 (masters thesis, Leiden University, 2005); (2) Annotated Links: Chinese Rock (Chinese Rock Research; Institutions and Organizatins in the Field divided in music education, record labels, bars and other; Magazines; Fan Sites; BBS); (3) Annotated Links: Chinese Music Critics; (4) I am in China and want to see a rock show (Institutions and Organizations in the Field divided in music education, record labels, bars and other).
    Resource suggested by Jeroen Groenewegen, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
    Added 10 Jul 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - United Kingdom

  57. [Chinese Studies in Britain:] Links (British Associations for Chinese Studies, London, UK)
    Language: English.
    Description: A list of all institutions offering or relevant for Chinese Studies in the UK.
    Site contents: (1) Universities; (2) Miscellaneous & Schools; (3) Libraries.
    Added 28 Jun 2005 (HL)

  58. Departmental Reports 2003 (British Association for Chinese Studies, London, UK)
    Language: English.
    Description: A report on the various departments and institutes of Asian and/or Chinese Studies in the United Kingdom, focussing on the situation as of 2003.
    Site contents: (1) University of Cambridge; (2) University of Durham; (3) University of Edinburgh; (4) University of Leeds; (5) University of Newcastle upon Tyne; (6) University of Nottingham; (7) University of Oxford; (8) School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; (10) University of Sheffield; (11) University of Westminster.
    Added 28 Jun 2005 (HL)

  59. British Association for Chinese Studies = 英國漢學協會 (British Association for Chinese Studies, London, UK)
    Language: English.
    Cited description: "The British Association of Chinese Studies is a non-political organisation which has a membership of well over 200 individuals whose interests relate to greater China, drawn mainly from the academic community but also from industry, the media and government. It plays an important role in liaising and consulting with other Area Studies organisations, with funding bodies, with China-related representative offices and with government departments. [...]"
    Site contents: (1) Annual conference; (2) Bulletin; (3) Council members; (4) Membership; (5) China Graduate Network; (6) Links; (7) Conference calendar; (8) Notices, News; (9) Acknowledgements; (10) Funding; (11) Mandarin Teaching in UK Schools; (12) ChinaExperts.org.uk.
    Added 28 Jun 2005 (HL)

  60. Bristol: Centre for East Asian Studies (Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK)
    Language: English.
    Supplied note: "The University of Bristol's new Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS) has launched an innovative MSc in East Asian Studies for graduates from any discipline who want to equip themselves for a career with a focus on China, Japan or elsewhere in the region. There are also opportunities for PhD Research."
    Description: In 2003 Durham University decided to abolish their Department for East Asian Studies. Two years later Bristol University "took up the baton", focussing on "contemporary developments and comparative policy and development studies" (Times Higher, 10 Dec 2004).
    Resource suggested by via the H-Asia mailinglist (28 Jun 2005) by Maurizio Marinelli, University of Bristol, UK.
    Added 28 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Religion - Christianity

  61. Useful
    香港天主教教區檔案 = Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Archives (Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Archive, Hong Kong, China)
    Language: English, Chinese (Big5).
    Site contents: (1) Historical Documents; (2) The Archives Holdings (1841-1969); (3) Rare Books; (4) Illustrated Catechism; (5) The Cathedral; (6) Church Buildings; (7) Leading Events (1841- ); (8) The Succession Line (1841- ); (9) Statistics (1705- ); (10) In Memory (short biographies of important figures of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong); (11) List of Popes (including the Chinese translations of their names); (12) 120 Chinese Martyrs; (13) Web Site Links.
    Note: It might be necessary to manually switch encoding to Big5.
    Resource suggested by Tao Yang, Yale East Asia Library, New Haven, CT, USA.
    Added 23 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Bibliographies - Art

  62. Very useful
    Art & Material Culture of China (Oliver Moore, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "Art and Material Culture of China serves as a reference and research aid for students of China's art and/or cultural history. The website attempts to provide a broad coverage for all forms of material production and art throughout the (pre)history of China. The website has been designed in the first instance for the Leiden scholarly community - with attention to research/teaching priorities in Leiden - but it is hoped that it may function equally well for other users. The site provides reference to Western and Chinese bibliographical sources and internet resources. You will find no visual images directly embedded in this website, but a number of links provide access to various image collections/resources (see Links)."
    Description: Currently still unannotated, this is an extensive research guide to Chinese art and material culture. The site will be continously updated, but, since its further development is institutionalized, its current (and improved) quality should be guaranteed.
    Site contents: (1) Home; (2) Links (Leiden; Institutes; Museums; Websites); (3) Bibliographies (Art History; Neolithic Arts; Brozes; Archaeology and History; Shang; Ceramics; Jade Objects; Qin-Shihuang and Imperial Burial; Buddhist Art; Garden and Man-Made Landscapes; Calligraphy; Painting; Printing; Modern Art Movements in China; Sculpture; Relic Deposits; Export of Chinese Goods; Architecture; Dunhuang; Wooden Objects; Textiles and Embroidery; Lacquer; (Precious) Metal; Glass; Stones and other Objects; Periodicals; Exhibition Catalogues; Collections); (4) About.
    Added 22 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - France

  63. Association Française d'Études Chinoises = French Association for Chinese Studies (AFEC) (A.F.E.C., Paris, France)
    Language: French; short summary in English.
    Self description: "Founded in 1980, the French Association for Chinese Studies (A.F.E.C.) aims at bringing together students, teachers and researchers concerned with Chinese studies."
    Site contents: (1) About AFEC; (2) Études chinoises [journal]; (3) Newsletter (AFEC news; Symposia; Conferences; Seminars and courses; Events; Recent publications; Theses; Miscellaneous); (4) Sinology and Internet (Institutions and Associations; Guides and Tools; On-line bibliographies; Miscellaneous); (5) Announcements; (6) Latest news.
    Resource suggested by Claude Chevaleyre, AFEC, Paris, France.
    Added 22 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Journals - General

  64. Études chinoises (Association française d'études chinoises, Paris, France)
    ISSN: 0755-5857.
    Numbering: 1 (1983) - .
    Frequency: Semi-annual (since 1998 appearing once a year).
    Language: French.
    Self description: "Études chinoises, published by the French Association for Chinese Studies (A.F.E.C.), is the only journal on Sinology in general in French. The journal contains specialized articles, research notes, publication reports, and an annual bibliography of Sinological works in French." [tranl. from French by HL]
    Site contents: (1) Introduction; (2) Upcoming issue; (3) In preparation; (4) Back issues.
    Availability: Only tables of contents.
    Added 22 Jun 2005 (HL), last revised 22 Mar 2007 (HL)

    Journals - General (revised entry)

  65. Asia Major (Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
    ISSN: 0004-4482.
    Numbering: 1st series (Leipzig): 1-10 (1924-1935); n.F. (Leipzig): 1.1 (1944); new series (London): 1.1 (1949) - 19.2 (1975); 3rd series (Taipei): 1.1 (1988) - .
    Frequency: Semiannual.
    Language: English.
    Self description: "Asia Major, Third Series (issued semi-annually), is published by the Institute of History and Philology of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan. It is a continuation of Asia Major, New Series, published in England from 1949 to 1975. It covers all periods of Chinese history, literature, ideas, and culture in general. Included are the histories and cultures of other East and Central Asian peoples in their relations with China."
    On-line availability: All articles since 1924 are fully available on-online in PDF format, with the exception of the most recent volume.
    Added 31 Dec 1998 (HL), last revised 17 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Journals - History

  66. Twentieth-Century China = 二十世紀中國 (Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA)
    ISSN: 1521-5385 (until 1997: 0893-2344).
    Numbering: 1.1 (1983) - 22.2 (1997) (appeared as: Republican China); 23.1 (1997) -.
    Frequency: Semi-annual.
    Language: English.
    Self description: "[...] a refereed semi-annual scholarly journal with issues appearing in November and April. [...] Under its former title Republican China (ISSN 0893-2344), the journal served for many years as an important venue for the dissemination of high-quality research and professional information of interest to scholars focusing on the history of the 1911-1949 period. Founded in 1983 by Lloyd Eastman, one of the American pioneers of Republican Chinese history, Republican China was successively edited by John Israel, R. Keith Schoppa, Herman Mast III, Roger B. Jeans, and then, from 1992, by Stephen C. Averill. Since assuming its current title in November 1997 under Stephen C. Averill's stewardship, the journal has expanded its coverage to include topics concerning both the last decade or so of the Qing dynasty and the post-1949 period."
    Availability: Available on-line are only the tables of contents beginning with no. 27.2 (April 2002).
    Added 13 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - Poland

  67. Krakow: Zakład Japonistyki i Sinologii (Department of Japanology and Sinology) (Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Instytut Filologii Orientalnej (Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Philology, Insitute of Oriental Philology), Krakow, Poland)
    Language: Polish.
    Added 03 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - Latvia

  68. Riga: Orientālistikas nodaļa (Department of Oriental Studies) (Latvijas Universitāte, Moderno valodu fakultāte (University of Latvia, Faculty of Modern Languages), Riga, Latvia)
    Language: Latvian.
    Added 03 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - Lithuania

  69. Vilnius: Orientalistikos centras (Center of Oriental Studies) (Vilniaus universiteto (Vilnius University), Vilnius, Lithuania)
    Language: Lithuanian, English.
    Self description: "The Centre of Oriental Studies is the major institution of Asian studies in Lithuania as well as an academic core unit of Vilnius University. [...] The present Centre of Oriental Studies has functioned since 1993. Its foundation date, however, goes back to the early 19th century, when Vilnius University was the heart of the studies of Oriental languages in Lithuania. [...] In 2002, the Oriental Centre set up the Eastern Languages School which since then has invited everybody willing to study Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Turkish, and Korean languages. [...] "
    Added 03 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - Romania

  70. Bucharest: Catedra de Limbi şi Literaturi Orientale (Oriental Languages and Literatures) (University of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania)
    Language: Romanian, English.
    Added 01 Jun 2005 (HL)

    Institutions - France

  71. Paris: Université Paris 7 - Denis Diderot, Langues orientales - Langue, Litérature, Civilisations Etrangères (LLCE) (Université Paris 7 - Denis Diderot, Paris, France)
    Language: French.
    Added 01 Jun 2005 (HL)

  72. Paris: École normale supérieure (ENS), Département littérature et langages, Séminaires de chinois (École normale supérieure, Paris, France)
    Language: French.
    Added 31 May 2005 (HL)

    History - Overseas Chinese

  73. Essential!
    Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu: an open access resource (Geoff Wade, Asia Research Institute and the Singapore E-Press, National University of Singapore, Singapore)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "The Ming Shi-lu (明實錄) (also known as the Veritable Records of the Ming Dynasty) is a collective name for the successive reign annals of the emperors of Ming China (1368-1644). [...] Among the unique materials contained within the Ming Shi-lu (MSL) are a wide range of references to polities and societies which today we consider to be parts of 'Southeast Asia'. Given the annalistic nature of the MSL and the difficulties of searching such a huge corpus, many of these have long remained unknown. This work identifies all of the references to Southeast Asia contained within the MSL and provides them to readers in English-language translation. In addition to the more obvious Southeast Asian polities of maritime and mainland Southeast Asia, this database also includes references to the many Yunnan Tai polities which have subsequently been incorporated within the Chinese state. The fact that many of these references predate European sources on Southeast Asia underlines their importance to historians of the region. The collection can be browsed chronologically by Western date or by reign date, or searched by specific terms. To assist in searches, an index of personal and place names, with their Chinese equivalents appended, is provided separately."
    Site contents: (1) About this source; (2) Browse by year; (3) Browse by reign; (4) Search for place names; (5) Seafch for personal names; (6) Comments page; (7) Newsletter signup page.
    Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (15 Apr 2005) by Geoff Wade, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
    Added 31 May 2005 (HL)

    Geography - Maps

  74. Very useful
    South Central China and Tibet: Hotspot of Diversity - Map and Gazetteer (The Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA)
    Language: English.
    Self description: "Joseph Rock traced his travels for the Arboretum's 1924-1927 expedition in a colorful, hand-drawn map entitled 'Ch'ing-Hai upper Yellow River expedition.' The pen-and-ink drawing was made on ten sheets that when joined form a single, irregularly-shaped map, approximately six by eight feet in size. [...] A gazetteer that references the map and the index is now available as a searchable database."
    Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (17 Apr 2005) by Dan Martin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.
    Added 29 May 2005 (HL)

    Journals - Archaeology/History/Culture/Art

  75. China Heritage Newsletter (China Heritage Project, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
    Language: English.
    Supplied note: "This is to let you know that we have recently [March 2005 - ed.] launched a new online [quarterly] publication. The 'China Heritage Newsletter' covers issues related to Chinese archaeology, culture, art, museums and history. Edited jointly by Bruce Doar and Geremie Barme, this quarterly newsletter has themed issues and regular features. The first issue takes as its theme the introduction of 'heritage' (tangible and intangible) to China. It also features articles on the latest developments in Beijing urban planning and preservation, recent news about the Great Wall, as well as containing a long report on a heritage hydrology site in Sichuan."
    Site contents: (1) Editorial; (2) Features; (3) Articles; (4) Briefs; (5) New Scholarship; (6) Behind the Scenes; (7) Links (East Asian History, China Archaeology, China Heritage Project; Morrison Lectures, Pacific & Asian History); (8) Archives.
    Resource suggested via Asian Studies WWW Monitor (20 Apr 2005) by Geremie R. Barme.
    Added 29 May 2005 (HL)

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