Rethinking Cultural Revolution Culture

22.-24. 2. 2001

31.1.-28. 2. 2001
Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg
Picturing Power: Art and Propaganda in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution


The workshop and the exhibition are funded by the German Research Foundation (Heinz Maier- Leibnitz-Preis) and the Volkswagenstiftung. The Workshop is convened in cooperation with the Internationales Wissenschaftsforum, Heidelberg.

It takes place in conjunction with the exhibition Picturing Power--Art and Propaganda in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which features posters from the Centre for the Study of Democracy of University of Westminster, collection in London as well as video and audio-footage formerly exhibited and prepared at Indiana University and Ohio State Universtiy, USA.

Original Idea and Overall Coordination: Harriet Evans and Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
Soundtrack: Barbara Mittler and Sue Tuohy-CD production, Peter Alyea
Video: David Carnochan, John Fenn, and Sue Tuohy
Didactics: Anna Johnston, Sarah Stevens, Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Barbara Mittler, Agnes Göhler
Websites and Publicity: René Aris, Yiman Liu, Hanno Lecher
Special Thanks (for loaning items from their personal collections): Agnes Göhler, Carl Jokisch, Magdalene von Dewall, Xia Baige, Rudolf G. Wagner, Vivian Wagner, Barbara Mittler, Patricia Schetelig, Nico Volland

Yiman Liu
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