22.-24. 2. 2001

Preliminary List of Participants:
  • Richard C. Kraus,
    Oregon Political Science
  • Peter Merker,
    Erfurt History
  • Sue Tuohy,
    Indiana Ethnomusicology
  • Meng Yue,
    Los Angeles Literature and Culture
  • Rudolf G. Wagner,
    Heidelberg Cultural Studies
  • Barbara Mittler,
    Heidelberg Cultural Studies
  • Julia F. Andrews,
    Ohio Art History
  • Kirk A. Denton,
    Ohio Literature and Culture
  • Stefan Landsberger,
    Leiden Contemporary China Studies
  • Lan Yang,
    Leeds Literature
  • Catherine V. Yeh,
    Heidelberg Cultural Studies
  • Hsiao-ti Li,
    Academia Sinica Taibei History
  • Xiaobing Tang,
    Chicago East Asian Languages and Cultures
  • Chen Xiaomei,
    Ohio Literature and Culture
  • Nora Sausmikat,
    Duisburg Political Science
  • Wendy Larson,
    Oregon Literature
  • Martina Köppel-Yang,
    Heidelberg/Paris Art History
  • Andreas v. Leeuwen,
    Heidelberg Music
  • Andreas Steen,
    Berlin History
  • Martin Gieselmann,
    Heidelberg Film and Theatre Studies
  • Nico Volland,
    Heidelberg Literature
  • Carma Hinton,
    Cambridge Mass. Film Maker
  • Lam Bun-ching,
    New York Composer
  • Katie Hill,
    London Art History
  • Wang Hui,
    Berlin Chinese Cultural Studies
Yiman Liu
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