22.-24. 2. 2001

Preliminary Program:
Session I:

Operatic Drama and the Cultural Revolution

Li Hsiao-ti: "On the Way to a Cultural Revolution?" -From Reformed Opera to the Revolutionary Model Opera

Chen Xiaomei: "Not Just Ten Years " -The Historical Roots of Model Theater

Andreas v. Leeuwen: "To be different is to be conventional" -Musical Rootseeking in Jiang Qing´s Revolutionary Modern Beijing Operas

Session II:

Cultural Revolution Culture in its (inter)national Context

Kirk A. Denton: The Museum of the Chinese Revolution and the Visual Construction of History

Richard Kraus: A Legacy for China´s Entry into the International Cultural Economy

Andreas Steen: "Records and Revolutionaries"-Record Production during the Cultural Revolution (work-in-progress)

Keynote Lecture Rudolf G. Wagner: "The handy burden of the past"- Denouncing the Old from the Taipings to the Red Guards
Session III:

Film and the Cultural Revolution

Nico Volland: "How to Make an Icon"-Cultural Revolution Film and Popular Culture

Wendy Larson: "Anything Can Happen"-Remembering the Future in "In the Heat of the Sun"

Martin Gieselmann: Repercussions of the Cultural Revolution in Contemporary Chinese Cinema: Narrative Strategies in films by Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou, Jiang Wen and others

  Carma Hinton: One Day in the Cultural Revolution: August 18th, 1966
Session IV:

Music and the Cultural Revolution

Barbara Mittler: From Mozart to Mao to Mozart-Western Music in Modern China

Sue Tuohy: Making Sense of Chinese Revolutionary Music-Transplants, Covers and Crossovers (work-in-progress)

Session V:

Art and the Cultural Revolution

Tang Xiaobing: Origins of Revolutionary Visual Culture-Woodcuts in the 1930s

Julia F. Andrews: Woodblock Prints and the Revolution

Peter Merker: The Smiling Chairman on porcelain cups-Jingdezhen during the Cultural Revolution (work-in-progress)

Martina Köppel-Yang: "Zaofan youli," a Prolific Legacy. Assimilation, Deconstructive Strategies and Appropriation. Repercussions of the Cultural Revolution in Chinese Contemporary Art of the 1980s and 1990s

Stefan Landsberger: "Amazing China?-Educational posters from the 1980s to the present" (work-in-progress)

Session VI:

Literature and the Cultural Revolution

Lan Yang: The Language of Cultural Revolution Literature

Catherine V. Yeh: Sex, Law and the Cultural Revolution-Underground novels, street committees and youth gangs (work-in-progress)

Yiman Liu
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