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Picturing Power:
Art and Propaganda in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

31.1.-28.2.2001 Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg

Peel off the Mask of the “Sage Confucius”
Baokai “Kong shengren” de huapi

Unknow artist
1974, Beijing
A cartoon unmasks Confucius and his teachings as feudal and outmoded. Early in 1974, a surge of anti-Confucius essays criticized his life, teachings, and philosophy. Confucius was said to advocate fatalism and predestination, claiming that humans could not change what was willed by heaven. Confucius’ categorizing of people into superior (intellectuals and officials) and inferior (workers and peasants) was also in direct contradiction to Mao’s faith in the power of the masses. Children’s books and cartoons were common vehicles for political propaganda in the CR period. Here, a poster incorporates a series of cartoon book-like images.
Yiman Liu
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