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Picturing Power:
Art and Propaganda in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

31.1.-28.2.2001 Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg

Art Comes from a Life of Struggle: The Working People are the Masters
Douzheng shenghuo chu yishu; laodong renmin shi zhuren

Wang Weixin and Wang Liguo
1974, Shanghai
In this scene displaying a poster within a poster, a peasant shows his revolutionary spirit by painting a scene of communal work and prosperity in the new China. Participation in the Cultural Revolution movement was mandatory for every Chinese and one common form of contribution was the creation of revolutionary art. The Cultural Revolution was not merely a political purge, but entailed a radical shift in ideology. The peasants and workers became the artists and masters, while intellectuals and landlords were severely punished for their class roles.
Yiman Liu
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