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Picturing Power:
Art and Propaganda in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

31.1.-28.2.2001 Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg

Let New Socialist Culture Occupy Every Stage
Rang shehuizhuyi xin wenyi zhanling yiqie wutai

Central Academy of Fine Arts Revolutionary Alliance
1967, Beijing
Pictured here, Jiang Qing was Chairman Mao’s third wife and one of the primary instigators of the Cultural Revolution, through her “revolution” in Peking opera. Though her only official position was as a deputy in the Cultural Revolution Small Group (CRSG) she was actually its defacto leader. She also became the leader of a new arts organization. In time, Jiang Qing and the other members of the CRSG came to be the primary decision makers for the movement, replacing even the Politburo of the Party Secretariat. In this poster, Jiang Qing holds Mao’s book and wears a PLA uniform. One of Mao’s initial visions of the Cultural Revolution included the PLA as a central unifying institution which was not only involved in defending the nation, but also led the people in educational and cultural life.
Yiman Liu
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